Capuano vs the Boogeyman

After watching th Pats dispatch the Jets, I felt duty bound to sit through 60 Minutes and their segment on health care reform. Considering the demographics of their viewers, the team at 60 minutes went in a very controversial direction. Basically, the story argued that we wouldn’t need death panels(but, they’re coming) if Grandma and Grandpa did their patriotic duty by refusing care and dying at home. Next week they’ll have a hard hitting story on how women are bankrupting the country by greedily wanting mamograms and papsmears.

During this segment I saw Michael Capuano’s latest ad for US Senate. He promises to keep America safe, not from Bin Laden or the Maj. Hasan’s of the world, but from Dick Cheney. Evidently, since there isn’t a dimes worth of difference between the Democrats on Cap and Tax or single payer health care; Capuano is going the look at me, I’m a moonbat route.

Someone should take Rep. Capuano aside and point out that radical Islam is our enemy, not dedicated public servants like the former vice president. Frankly, this country is in desperate need of the kind of leadership that Dick Cheney provided. We have a president that keeps postponing a decision on troop levels in Afghanistan. An Attorney General as Hamlet; to mirandize, or not mirandize Bin Laden, that is the question. Massachusetts needs a Senator that will demand that Bin Laden is interrogated for information on terrorist plots in the works and not read his rights and provided with counsel.