Another Big Government Republican

The eyes of the nation will soon focus on Massachusetts. We have it in our power to deny Harry Reid a filibuster proof majority. Which is why it’s so disappointing that one of our candidates in the upcoming special election is choosing to act more like a Democrat than a Republican. Massachusetts-style big government is the path we should not follow and any Republican that hasn’t been in a coma for the last 60 years should know better. So why is Jack E. Robinson looking to out Democrat the Democrats?

The answer. Mr. Robinson has caught bailout fever. He wants to give all public transportation systems and their riders a bailout. From the Herald:

“(The government) put $185 billion into (troubled lender) AIG. That would fund the T for 40 years,” Robinson said yesterday. “There is money to be used smartly and intelligently.”

Robinson, who is running against state Sen. Scott Brown for the GOP nomination in the race for the late U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s vacant seat, is suggesting the MBTA bailout as part of a proposal to make all public transportation nationwide free. Robinson aides said there are cities in Washington and Oregon that offer free public transit.”

His plan is meeting the typical response. “I think that’s awesome,” 33-year-old commuter Jason Harris of Boston said. “Free is great.”. One would hope that someone who has reached the age of 33 would realize that other Americans would be paying for his “free ride”. While Mr. Harris doesn’t have the slightest concept of economics, I have no doubt he is one of those smug, more enlightened than thou Democrats that populate the Commonwealth.

We need a Republican that is going to fight tooth and nail against the statist policies of the Obama administration not emulate them. Scott Brown should be our next US Senator.