Massachusetts Miracle 2.0

There has been a lot of gloom and doom talk about residents of Massachusetts packing up and leaving the state, mainly to lower tax New Hampshire. With the census coming up our entrenched members of Congress have been wondering which one is going to be redistricted out of a seat. Face it, the only way we are ever going to get rid of these guys and girl is if they are forced to run against each other. It will be a case of addition by subtraction for those of us who believe in actually limiting the scope of the Federal government.

Well, according to Recovery.gov our representatives for life can rest easier in the knowledge that they will never have to worry about making a living in the private sector. For you see, President Obama’s magical stimulus has created new Congressional districts for the Commonwealth, and in some of them it has actually created jobs. So instead of losing a seat or two we have gained 6. If Stevie Pags is unable to buy his way into the Senate he may want to try for one of our new seats in the U.S. House. They are(complete with jobs created and money spent):

District/ Jobs created/ Money spent

00/ 162/ 2,222,406

11/ 17.9/ 1,353,691

14/ 0/ 214,463

20/ 0/ 281,790

25/ 0/ 24,404,085

86/ 0/ 1,405,891

Don’t worry folks, our counrty is in the very best of hands.