Fight to the Finish

That’s all I ask.

This is the kind of fighting spirit I expect from the GOP Congressional leadership; a bold play on 4th and 18. Going for the win rather than the tie in overtime. Instead, Mitch McConnell kicks a field goal to end regulation play.

Perhaps McConnell believes that capitulation is preferable to a glorious defeat in the defense of liberty and prosperity. Perhaps when he swore to “support and defend” the Constitution, he was just saying the words or perhaps he doesn’t think the Constitution is worth his best effort. Perhaps he doesn’t think the stakes are high enough to forgo his Christmas dinner in Kentucky. Perhaps he forgot that there are many thousands of US servicemen and women who won’t be making it home for Christmas this year or that United States Senators are above making the the same kind of sacrifice.

Perhaps he never watched Braveheart…

…But perhaps he should as it appears that he could use an infusion of fighting spirit.

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