Most Excellent News For WA-01

We have a contest; James Watkins, a Redmond entrepreneur, announced today that he is a candidate for Jay Inslee’s Congressional seat. Says Watkins:

I’m running against career office-seeker Jay Inslee because we can’t afford him any more. His voting record in Washington, D.C., shows he’s lost touch with our values.

We’re at a moment of clarity in our country. We the People are paying attention and following our representatives’ votes very carefully. We won’t let professional politicians like Congressman Inslee get away with voting for massive spending, bigger government and less freedom – and then come home and tell voters they’re looking out for us.

Congress is spending our nation into a black hole. They’re burdening us – and our children – with a crushing debt. They’re doing nothing to improve the economy or stimulate true job creation – in fact, they’re making things worse.

Instead of passing massive tax and regulatory burdens that kill jobs, Congress should create and foster an environment that encourages innovation, investment and job growth.

More from his press release:

Watkins said his career in the private sector will be put to good use in Congress. Currently a business development consultant for entrepreneurial startups and small businesses, he has spent 15 years in and around Microsoft as a partner, consultant and employee. Most recently, he spent five years at Microsoft running an internal startup business helping independent retailers compete against the mega-chains. Watkins has a long history of growing businesses and creating value, has won the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award and earned his MBA from George Washington University.

“I have a strong sense of service, a proven record of problem-solving and the leadership ability to get things done,” he said. “And unlike so many of the politicians in Congress, including Congressman Inslee, who have spent nearly all their adult lives on the government payroll, I know what it takes to create prosperity and private sector jobs.”
Watkins added that he is looking for support across the political spectrum.

“In times of crisis, Americans need to pull together,” he said. “That’s why I’ll be asking Republicans, Democrats, Independents and any voters who feel like they don’t have a voice to help me get our country back on track and restore the American Dream.”

You can learn more about Watkins at his website, www.watkinsforcongress.com and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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