"why i shouldn't vote for patty murray"

Volume I

I was checking my blog stats and happened to notice that someone had stumbled across my other blog, It’s Only Words, after searching for “why i shouldn’t vote for patty murray.” I figure, Hey! If people are asking, I should make it as easy as possible for them to find out!

Yes. I’m just that helpful.

Here are a few old posts to get things rolling:

Is Patty Murray Really Pro-Choice? in which I take the Senator to task for valuing the rights of women seeking abortions over those of health care professionals who have moral objections to participating in abortion procedures.

Patty Murray, Hypocrite First Class in which I take the Senator to task for threatening AIG bonus recipients with an unconstitutional bill of attainder. (If you believe those AIG employees had it coming, please read this for another perspective.)

Where’s the Outrage, Senator? in which I take the Senator to task for failing to treat the news of Chrysler’s taxpayer-provided funds being used to pay lobbyists with the same outrage she managed to work up over the AIG bonuses.

Not to mention that Senator Murray is one of the most – if not the most – liberal members of Congress. That’s fine if you’re a died-in-the-wool progressive but if you value moderation at all…in anything…ever…well, you get my point. Check out her ratings.

At the National Taxpayer’s Union, Murray always fails to make the grade. Seriously. She’s received an “F” every year she’s been in the Senate. What, exactly does that mean?

The Taxpayer Score measures the strength of support for reducing spending and opposing higher taxes. In general, a higher score is better because it means a member of Congress voted to spend less money.

The Taxpayer Score can range between zero and 100. We do not expect anyone to score a 100, nor has any legislator ever scored a perfect 100 in the multi-year history of the comprehensive NTU scoring system. A high score does not mean that the member of Congress was opposed to all spending or all programs. High-scoring members have indicated that they would vote for many programs if the amount of spending were lower or if the budget were balanced. A member who wants to increase spending on some programs can achieve a high score if he or she votes for offsetting cuts in other programs. A zero score would indicate that the member of Congress approved every spending proposal and opposed every pro-taxpayer reform….

A score significantly below average qualifies for a grade of “F.” This failing grade places the member into the “Big Spender” category.

(Read more…)

Uh-huh. It means Senator Murray is the quintessential tax-and-spend Democrat. Never met a tax she didn’t like. Really. Never.

Check out The American Conservative Union ratings, where Murray has earned a lifetime rating of just a 2.91. Yes. That’s out of 100. That’s a lower score than Senators Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Chris Dodd…yeah. Lower than everyone except the late Ted Kennedy.

The American Conservative Union tracks a wide range of issues before Congress to determine which issues and votes serve as a dividing line to help separate those Members of the U.S. House and Senate who protect liberty as conservatives and those who are truly liberal.

As a result, the ACU Ratings of Congress has throughout its 38 Editions included a wide variety of issues covering votes on taxes, wasteful government spending, cultural issues, defense and foreign policy.

And that’s a wrap for the first volume of “why i shouldn’t vote for patty murray.” Check back soon; I hope to make this a regular feature.

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