Officially a Possibility?

Rumor has it that Chris Widener will announce in the next few days that he’s forming an exploratory committee to determine the feasibility of a run against Patty Murray in 2010. As I outlined here, Chris is the founder of Positively Republican, a group that educates voters about the positive benefits of conservatism for people in every station of life.

From the Positively Republican Facebook page:

We will articulate and promote a positive vision for:

  • Living the American Dream
  • National Security
  • Government Reform and Efficiency
  • Economic Vitality and Growth
  • Leadership in Moral/Social Issues
  • Energy Independence
  • Responsible Protection of the Environment
  • Affordable Quality Health Care
  • Excellence in Education

Our core values:

  • Integrity
  • Positive and Optimistic Attitude
  • Servant Leadership
  • Standards of Excellence

New poll results out today from SurveyUSA should help hurry his decision along; Murray’s job approval rating stands at 48%. Historically, Murray’s rating has stood well over 50%.

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