Back To Basics At The RNC

At their meeting later this month, the committeemen and women of the RNC will do more than vote on a new Chairman. One other piece of business that will be debated and voted on is a resolution authorizing the RNC to “take all steps necessary to oppose bailouts of industries, individuals, or government by the federal government and to aggressively promote the conservative principles of the Republican Party in public policy debates.”

I say, Amen and isn’t it about time?

The resolution is so beautiful in its strong and simple language, logic and common sense solutions, I almost wept when I read it. What a relief to know going forward that, whatever the misguided actions of addlepated Congressional Republicans, there are people in a position to influence the direction of the GOP who share our ideals and our frustrations to the core.

I call on all the candidates for RNC Chair to endorse this resolution and bring the Republican party back to its conservative roots.

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