Britain Whines: "It's All About Me!"

I don’t want much from the Federal government. In fact, I want a lot less from it than they’re usually trying to provide. One thing I do expect, though, is for the Federal government to provide me with a reasonably safe haven from dangers of the world outside our borders. In my opinion, a government that fails to provide domestic security for its citizens has failed in one of its major responsibilities.

This article, published today in the London Daily News is noteworthy in its disregard for that basic function of government as well as its egocentrism.

What Israel is doing is nothing to do with peace but its own selfish security concerns

With many nations in the world with large Muslim/Arab communities anything in the Middle East that involves the murder of women and children and Israel will immediately light a fuse of revulsion and protest.

In London the mainstream media have been warned to avoid the subject in phone-in’s to avoid escalating tensions, but that is unrealistic.  What Israel has done again, is look at its own security concerns and forget that of other nations like ours.

4000 known active Islamic terrorists operate in the UK, what more of an excuse do they need now to carry out a heinous act on people who are not from Israel?

Our Government condemned the violence but has done nothing to censure Israel.  The Americans have stayed quiet, whilst only France and the UN have worded strong objections to the perceived over-reaction of the IDF.

Israeli leaders need to stop thinking about elections and consider that the security threat posed by Islamic groups was high, with the tension in the Middle East escalating we are in a new zone now.

Let’s all be vigilant and be responsible.

Try for a moment to ignore the glaring grammatical issues with the headline and take a closer look at that second paragraph. It is evidently unrealistic to expect British journalists to refrain from discussing Israel’s current military operations in order to keep British citizens safe, but quite all right to expect Israeli citizens to endure rocket bombardment to achieve the same end. God forbid that journalists show a little discretion! Better that Israelis die!

Selfish, indeed! The presumption that Israel should place the security concerns of Britain above the safety of her own citizens is staggering. I’m rarely speechless (you can ask my husband) but I actually found myself without words today when trying to discuss this with an acquaintance.

Had I ever given it any thought, I would have assumed the British were responsible for their own national security, but apparently I would be wrong. British national security is actually the responsibility of the Israelis! Who knew! Perhaps this explains why Britain is the home to “4,000 known active Islamic terrorists.”

After all, the Israelis have been pretty busy on the home front and it’s hard to be in two places at once, but after they finish up with Gaza, I’m betting that London will be their first stop. I’m sure the British could handle the terrorists themselves, but what, with setting up Sharia courts and otherwise pandering to Muslim extremists, gosh! It’s just so hard to fit it all into the day!

The jackass who wrote this opinion piece – if you check it out at this link, you’ll see that no one wanted to sign it – should be forced to live in one of the Israeli settlements on the Gaza frontier to see how he (she?) likes the constant threat of death falling from the sky. “Yes, I’d like reservations for dinner…What? the bomb shelter section is full?”

During the dark days of World War II, Winston Churchill exhorted the British people, “Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, ‘This was their finest hour.'” Perhaps that it was their finest hour; Britain, which stoically endured the London blitz, is now content to buy their own peace with the lives of Israeli citizens. Churchill weeps.

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