Washington RNC Members

As much information as I could glean in 24 hours. It ain’t much, but it’s all I’ve got.

Luke Esser, Bellevue, King CountyJeff Kent, Bellingham (??), Whatcom CountyFredi Simpson, Wenatchee, Chelan County

Luke EsserState Chairman, WA Republican State Committee

PRESENT-State Chairman, Washington State Republican Party, elected January 27, 2007-Attorney at Law…

PREVIOUS-Washington State Senator, 2003-2006-Chairman, Senate Technology & Communications Committee, 2003-Republican Floor Leader, Washington State Senate, 2004-2006-Washington State Representative, 1999-2002-Co-Vice Chair, House Capital Budget Committee, 1999-2001-Outreach Director, Washington Attorney General’s Office, 2005-07-Policy Director, King County Councilmember Rob McKenna, 1996-2004-Co-Chair, 48th District, George W. Bush for President, 2000-Former Member of Pro Football Writers of America

RNC ACTIVITY-Member of RNC Standing Committee on Rules-Delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention Member of Committee on Rules & Order of Business, 2008 National Convention

Luke Esser was responsible for a lot of confusion regarding the outcome of the Republican caucuses in 2008. He declared a “winner” before the counting was complete (rather than making it clear he was “projecting” the winner). This led to Huckabee suppporters believing that the counting had actually been suspended and a winner declared (with no more counting to take place). That wasn’t true, but it was a bit of a tempest in a teapot.

When Esser was running for the chairmanship, he responded to some questions on SoundPolitics, which can be found here.

I unfortunately am having a difficult time finding out who, if anyone (other than the bloggers at SoundPolitics) endorsed him for State Chair. And if it would mean anything anyway, since Tebelius appears to have been “not up to the task.”

Jeff KentNational Committeeman, WA Republican State Committee

PRESENT-National Committeeman, Washington State Republican Party, elected – May 20, 2000-Executive Board Member, Republican State Committee of Washington, 1990 –Owner, Interlube International, Inc., 1992 –

PREVIOUS-Host, Conservative Talk Radio-KGMI, 1993 – 1996-State Committeeman, Whatcom County Republican Party, 1992 – 2000-Budget Chairman, Republican State Committee of Washington, 1997- 2001-President, Washington State Young Republican Federation, 1991, 1992, 1993

Jeff Kent is an enigma. Searches of SoundPolitics.com and the Seattle Times yield nothing.

Fredi SimpsonNational Committeewoman, WA Republican State Committee

PRESENT-National Committeewoman, Washington State Republican Party, elected May 25, 2006-3rd Vice President, Washington Federation of Republican Women, 2005–Chairman, Chelan County Republican Party 2003 – Present1st Vice President Chelan/Douglas Republican Women

PREVIOUS-Vice-Chair, Washington State Republican Party, 2005-2006-Team Leader, Rossi for Governor, 2004-Campaign Manager, Mike Harum for Chelan County Sheriff, 2002-Vice-Chair, Chelan County Republican Party 1999 – 2003-Co-Chair, John Carlson for Governor for North Central Washington, 1999-2000-Vice Chair, Washington Republican National Hispanic Assembly (WRNHA), 2001- 2004

Served as WSRP Vice-Chair under Chris Vance. Lost to Diane Tebelius for State Chairman in 2007 when Vance resigned. Was endorsed by Dino Rossi, John Carlson and Doc Hastings, among others.

From the archives at SoundPolitics.com, written in January 2005 by Timothy Goddard:

The granddaughter of Mexican and Spanish migrant workers, Simpson described how she was driven to become a Republican by two factors–first, the difference she saw between her uncle, a Democratic big-shot in California who was born a citizen, and her mother, who was born in Cuba and had to work for her citizenship. Her uncle took his citizenship and the blessings that go with it for granted, while her mother never did. Second, when her mother wouldn’t allow her to take government money for college that was offered simply because she was part Hispanic. Simpson helped with the organization of the Hispanic recruitment drive in 2004, bringing in more Republican Hispanic votes in Washington State history without using any money from the state party…she’s very close, and is someone to keep an eye on, as she helps present a new face to the state Republican party.

The only thing I could find that would indicate a strong conservative bent is that she chaired John Carlson’s gubernatorial campaign in 2000. Other than that…don’t know.