This Should Do The Trick. Yeah.

I see that RNC Chair Mike Duncan and Co-Chair Jo Ann Davidson are going to be making appearances in Georgia on behalf of Saxby Chambliss.

That’s very kind of them and I’m sure Senator Chambliss appreciates their efforts, but who are they kidding? No disrespect intended, but these are not household names.

We know the importance of this seat is not lost on the RNC and other Republican Senators, Governors and US Reps. Is it really that hard to get someone down there to help out who could actually draw a crowd? And if it is that hard, isn’t there anyone in the Republican party who carries a big enough club to force the issue?

I want to see some party unity. I want to see Republicans supporting each other and showing some enthusiasm for each other, rather than talking about each other behind their backs. I want to be part of a party where Senator Chambliss would be forced to turn down offers of visits by high profile Republicans because he just has too many to fit them all in.

Is that too much to ask?

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