WA-01 Overview

First off, thanks to Moe for suggesting something I can actually do with all this pent up, post-election energy.

Second, let me apologize in advance for the sketchy information I’m about to offer. I haven’t been as involved in local politics as I probably should have been. When I have more information on any of the following, I’ll post new diaries.

WA-01 includes parts of Snohomish, King and Kitsap Counties. Map.

United States Representative: Jay Inslee (D). Inslee was originally elected to the US House in 1992 from Wenatchee, Washington, but proved too liberal for his Central Washington constituents and was defeated by Doc Hastings after one term. Shortly afterward, he moved to the 1st Congressional District and, in 1998, defeated two term incumbent, Rick White. I don’t know that much about him, other than he has occasional moments of unexpected greatness, as when he voted against both bailout bills.

I also want to mention Senator Patty Murray, who is up for re-election in 2010. If any of you don’t remember, Senator Murray is the genius who commended Osama bin Laden for his humanitarian work in building daycare centers. You know, in Afghanistan. They really needed them, because, hey! women weren’t allowed to work under the Taliban. She needs to be removed from office.

I have a bad, bad feeling about the state of the Republican Party in Washington. I’m trying to get more information. My one source (so far) into the workings of the Party locally and at the state level cites lack of leadership as our main problem. One problem that I see in trying to find candidates to run for national office is lack of legislative experience. Local politics is so dominated by the Dems that we have, in my opinion, a lack of qualified candidates. Not that we don’t have good people, but most of them lack experience.

1st District Republicans: No website that I can find, I have e-mailed the chair for information.

Snohomish County Republicans: I’ve already written a diary entry on the sorry state of the SnoCo Republican Party, which you can read here. I’m still trying to get more information. SnoCo Republicans spectaculary lame website

Washington State Republicans: I e-mailed them over a week ago about their out of date website and have heard nothing back. E-mailed the chair, Luke Esser, a day or two later; nothing from him, either. I’m not sure where to go with this next. One source tells me that state funding for the party will likely dry up after Dino Rossi’s defeat. WSRP’s website, also lame but not spectacularly so

I’m not sure if Moe was looking for information on our state legislators, but I’ll provide it anyway.

Our State Representatives in the 1st are Al O’Brien and Mark Ericks. I know nothing about Ericks, but I think Al O’Brien is okay. The main thing I know about him is he takes a very tough stance on sex offenders. He ran unopposed in this election; I think he would be very hard to defeat but I think there is at least a possibility that he could be nudged to the right.

Our State Senator is Rosemary McAuliffe. She is chair of the Early Learning and K-12 Education Committee. This is a big issue for me; I will definitely follow-up.

As I said, I know the information is incomplete. More diaries will follow as I get more information. If there are any 1st District residents posting here at RedState who live in King or Kitsap Counties, can you research your county’s Party status?

(Crossing my fingers that all my links are functional…)