My note to John McCain.

Dear Senator McCain:

I’m contacting you to let you know how very disappointed I am that you have not come forward to stop the vicious smears against Sarah Palin coming from within the ranks of your campaign. One is conditioned to expect vile behavior on the part of the radical left but it is shocking and unacceptable when it comes from within our own party.

I have heard much about your code of honor. However, sir, I maintain that to stand by in silence while campaign staffers speak out against Governor Palin in this manner is dishonorable in the extreme. Governor Palin answered your call when your campaign was flagging. It is my feeling that no other choice of running mate could have solidified and electrifed the base as she did. This is poor payment for her aid to your campaign and the abuse that she and her family suffered at the hands of the media on your behalf.

While I admire and respect your past service to our country, I can say with confidence that had I known in advance that you would allow this treatment to continue without comment, I would not have cast my ballot in your favor.