Reverend Wright

I’ve been thinking about Rev. Wright and Obama’s claim that he never heard him preaching anything hateful. Of course, I don’t believe that but there is a point to be made beyond the Reverend himself.

I don’t know about you, but I attend church and I also socialize with the people I know from church. Why is that? Because I have chosen to attend church with like-minded people. People who share my world view, values and attitudes. And you know what, we share them with our pastor as well. If it were to become apparent that the pastor, for whatever reason, no longer shared those same views, people would leave the church. When enough people left, the pastor would either offer his resignation or be asked to resign.

So my point is, on the extremely slim chance that the Obamas managed to miss every hate-America, racist comment the Reverend was spewing, didn’t they notice that the church was filled with America-hating racists? Or was the church actually filled with patriots brimming over with love for their fellow man who for some reason, overlooked Reverend Wright’s hate-mongering? At some point – before it bacame a campaign issue – it should have become obvious to the Obamas that something was out of kilter at their church. Unless, of course, the church was just a prop and the members virtual strangers to the Obamas.

The pieces of this puzzle don’t add up.