Why vote

October 12th, 2008

Yes, this is an important time for America and our decision in this election will significantly affect our future; both domestically and internationally. I believe that all Americans need to really listen to what each candidate has to say, listen to each and every word. It’s not the time for the American people to allow their emotions to determine which candidate they are going to vote for. I believe the American people want to live in a democracy in which the supreme power is vested in the American people and not in our Institutions. Don’t be deceived. In spite of the corruption and our current voting system, we need to fight for our freedom by exercising our right to vote.

All that said, I’m concerned this election has already been compromised. The corruption is disgusting. The majority of American people do not have confidence in the current voting system. Our elections are not won by an individual vote, but rather by the outcome of fewer than a dozen states or districts. The American people want the same, secure, and reliable system in every state. We want every vote to count.

The bigger picture is that our government, as a whole, does not care about what the American people have to say. This was evident when the recent “bail out” plan was proposed. The majority of the American people were against the plan, but the politicians put it through anyway. Why? Because our system is corrupt. We have Government and Wall Street to thank for that.

Today, Wall Street and our Government actually represent one entity. They just don’t want the average American, the majority of American people, to know that. The American people are tired and those in power are capitalizing on that fact. While the majority of Americans struggle to make it, Government and Wall Street try to benefit: personal gain at another’s expense. Government wants to gain more and more control, while Wall Street wants to profit from another’s loss. What a pair, one entity, they have nothing to lose.

Government uses things like the so called “stimulus packages”, tax rebate checks, to deceive the American people. In the midst of an “economic crisis”, they try to appease the American people by making such small sacrifices look like “a right” or that we are the “beneficiary”. Government and Wall Street want to look like the “hero(s)”, while the only people in crisis are average Americans. They want the American people to believe that our Government is on the side of the people. Media is the catalyst used by Government to mislead and confuse the American people. Although the media would never admit to this, the media is pressured and bought by those of influence. It’s subtle. In the name “change”, it’s only a matter of time before the media is completely controlled by our government. Don’t let them fool you.

The American people need to step back from their busy and stressful lives to look at the big picture. We are allowing our freedoms to be taken away. Once a freedom is taken, it’s very difficult, and maybe impossible to get that freedom back. The American people need to listen closely to what the media, the financial sector, and our government are saying to us. They are not our advocates.

The question is, “Do we want to be mandated by government or hold on to the freedom that we now possess?” The American people have already sacrificed so much. Many Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice and bought our freedom with their own blood, and many Americans are fighting abroad on our behalf today. They are the true heroes. Are we going to let the sacrifices of all Americans be in vain? We may need to make additional sacrifices when considering our vote in order to live in a free society. We cannot allow our Government to steal our God given rights and freedom.

PaulaCoral springs, Fl.