Michelle Bachmann is not a kook

Be afraid of a political and media climate that labels Constitution-protecting and dollar-protecting individuals as the kook fringe.

Ms Bachmann is courageously and rightly raising the alarm, telling us to pay attention to actions by this administration which could undermine our freedom.

She asks the right questions. Mr Geithner’s inability to assure Ms Bachmann that the dollar be preserved should make people nervous. Even the idea of floating a global currency is frightening and if that isn’t what he intended, he ought to explain it. Reagan was good at that. He knew Americans could understand something once they had an explanation. Oh, I get it -this administration DOESN’T want us to understand what they are doing-they just want to pass everything as quickly as possible before we notice -and Ms Bachmann is getting in the way.

Ms Bachmann’s persistent questions-and Geithner’s inability to answer-regarding the constitionality of some of his financial plans exposes something that has concerned me for some time….

It seems that a large number of public officials who take their oath of office, which includes defending and protecting the Constitution, have no intention of honoring that oath. It’s just a bunch of archaic words that don’t have to be enforced anymore as far as they are concerned.

That paradigm of not needing to follow the principles laid out in the Constitution is weakening our foundation and, to paraphrase Mr Obama’s favorite president, the house will no longer be able to stand.