Not dead yet: firing tea parties for effect

There’s an old joke in which Becky and Abe have been falsely accused of spying and as they’re being tied to the steel rings that will hold them up for the firing squad, Abe yells: “but we’re innocent” – and Becky warns: “Abe, don’t make trouble.”

Right now a handful of people dominating the Democratic Party have the Republicans, and the country, in front of the firing squads of their choice – and lots of good Republicans are whispering “don’t make trouble.”

I’m a Canadian, and although we have as much at stake as Americans do we have no vote, no right to organize, and no right to contribute directly to the Republican party – but I can give advice and that advice is simple: You’re not dead yet, so make all the trouble you can.

A lot of people don’t understand just how desperate the situation is so what I want to do before discussing a particular way to make trouble is ask a rhetorical question, raise an example, and then point out the underlying problem.

The rhetorical question is this: if the Reverend Wright were President, Ms. Dohrn the speaker of the house, and Bill Ayers in charge in the senate, what would they do different from Obama, Pelosi, and Reid?

This Thursday, Crysler filed for bankruptcy protection – and not from creditors, from the Obama administration: because the latter’s move to value $10 billion in union investments at 40% of General Motors common while valuing the $27 Billion held by others at only 10%, sets aside the rule of law in favor of the kind of brazen political theft and patronage normally characteristic of third world dictorships and communist revolutions.

This is theft on the grand scale, but the consequences presage even worse: no union with a 40% stake in GM can negotiate fairly with Ford – and no administration so deeply committed to the unions can reject either card check, and thus the unleashing of 19th century union thuggery on America, or demands for protectionist trade policy leading to indirect tariff wars where nobody wins, and everybody loses.

The underlying problem is this: the United States is a nation of law, but a small number of people who for various reasons hold themselves above the law have become a coalition of haters united only through their control of the Democratic party and the mass media it depends on – and now have no regard for consequence or law as they try to justify themselves by serially satisficing the entourage of nuts, hangers-on, careerists, and idealogues they picked up on their way to power.

The most obvious example of the contempt for law among leading democrats is Mr. Obama’s ineligibily for the office he pretends to. The constitution is absolutely clear on this: the president must be a natural born citizen, and on his own testimony Mr. Obama isn’t.

There is a lot of confusion about this, but no actual question. a natural born citizen of the United States is born to a father fully under the jurisdiction of the United States: Mr. Obama claims his father was a Kenyan of British citizenship, and therefore he can not qualify as a natural born citizen.

In addition, Mr. Obama tells us, and other documentation supports this, that his mother married an Indonesian Muslim and sent him, however briefly, to a local Muslim school. That could not have happened unless she first renounced her own citizenship along with that of any dependent children – including the young Mr. Obama. He was entitled, under American law, to reclaim his birthright after his return to Hawaii, but there is nothing to suggest that he did so. As a result he is currently at best an undocumented alien and certainly not eligible for the office he pretends to hold.

Notice that his place of birth has nothing to do with either issue: “natural born citizen” status depends on the father, not where the child is born. Similarly, the issues raised by Mr. Obama’s failure to reclaim American citizenship reflect on judgements he made and held to over a long period of time, not where he was born.

Production of a valid Hawaiian birth certificate might prove him a natural born citizen if it shows an American, not Mr. Obama sr., as his father and this could be supported by other evidence – but it would say exactly nothing about the utter contempt for American society and American values revealed by his continued refusal to reclaim birth rights his mother originally renounced on his behalf.

Mr. Obama has spent millions of other people’s dollars defending hundreds of lawsuits on eligibility, but so far the courts have found legal reasons not to act – although reasonable people might reasonably think that the real reasons are liberal sympathies and a fear of the riots that Mr. Obama’s forced removal from office will almost certainly trigger.

There is a better way: every senator and every congressman, swears the same oath of office: an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States. If Mr. Obama is, as I and many others assert, rather obviously ineligible for the office he pretends to, then the act of sending him any legislation for signature, or following any order he issues under presidential authority, is unconstitutional, therefore in contravention of the oath of office, and consequentially punishable by criminal sanction and removal from office.

Thus the way to bring back the rule of law is to force each congressman, and each senator, to either act in accordanance with their oath of office, or resign – because congress can, and should, declare Mr. Obama to have been ineligible for election, and thus void all of the recent “democrat” legislation, appointments, orders, and related actions while re-establishing the traditional presidential check on congressional action by handing the White House first to Mr. McCain, and on his resignation to Sarah Palin and a new vice president such as Newt Gingrich.

The cleanup would be difficult, the economic and political hangovers fierce, and the riots worse – but because none of this would be remotely as damaging as the current, on going, destruction of the American republic the only  real question is how to make it happen.

The answer to that starts with another goal: to use the courts and the media to force every congressman, and every senator, to prove that working with Mr. Obama does not break the law – to prove, in other words, Mr. Obama eligible for the office he pretends to.

Doing that will require civil grand juries, the Constitution’s fourth branch of government, to assemble in each electoral constituency to issue an indictment, actionable through the federal courts, alleging that the local congressman or senator is in default of his oath by failing to do so. Properly drafted, with documented signatures from local voters, and with video evidence of the deliberations such indictments can force action by federal prosecutors – even those who ultimately report to the redoubtable Mr. Holder.

And those deliberations? tea parties, but this time with real clout.