Saving the American Republic

So you went to a tea party, and nothing happened: you vented, somewhere between 500,000 and a million other Americans vented; CNN and others made gay jokes to underline your impotence as a protester – and, overall, just about nobody cared. Why?

Because most people believe that it’s too late to act: that the Pelosi-Reid attacks on the economy: on Detroit, on the financial system, on your job, can’t be stopped; that Obama’s abandonment of Israel, Taiwan, and Pakistan are done deals; that everything from show trials for “bushies” to gutting defense and refocusing homeland security from Islamic terror to right wing extremists are just parts of the cross every American has to bear.

Many believe, in fact, that a majority of Americans voted for this – that a government whose actions are so destructive of American value that it’s indistinguishable from what we’d get if the Reverend Wright were in the Whitehouse with Bill Ayers and Ms. Dohrn ruling Congress, is what the electorate wanted – and that any action you take to stop them is therefore anti-democratic.

All of that’s wrong – the current destruction of the American republic be stopped, it should be stopped, and you can help.

The reality on the electoral mandate claim is that only about 2% of those who voted for Mr. Obama were able to correctly answer 12 simple questions about the campaign – most of those who voted for him believed he would cut taxes, balance the budget, fix the economy, gain respect abroad, and reduce partisan conflict in Congress – instead, he’s letting Pelosi and Reid raise taxes while doubling the cumulative federal deficit; destroying the energy, automotive, and health care industries; demonstrating vicious partisanship in appointments; and, demeaning himself and the country abroad.

An electorate that’s been lied to should hold the liars responsible, not itself.

To do that, we need to get Congress to declare that Mr. Obama was ineligible as a candidate – because no vote for an ineligible candidate can be counted in either a general election or in the electoral college and this would wipe out every action he’s taken, every bit of legislation he’s signed, every appointment he’s made.

In effect, Congress can force a do over on the last six months – with McCain/Palin in the Whitehouse to reestablish the system of checks and balances that has preserved the American Republic until now.

What that means is that the $2.4 trillion in debt Pelosi and Obama have put together goes away; the economy booms; you keep your job; Detroit survives; ACORN and some key democrats face prosecution on electoral fraud; and we’d even have a good chance of eventually seeing people like Chris Dodds, and Barney Franks jailed for their roles in the financial meltdown.

This strategy is obviously controversial and you’ll hear a lot of people tell you lots of nonsense about it; but the argument is simple:

  • The Constitution requires that the President be a “natural born citizen:” not just an American citizen by birth, but one born on American soil to an American father.

    Since Mr. Obama claims to have had a British citizen from Kenya for a father, he does not qualify as natural born. Period.

    Mr. Obama’s supporters will lie to you about this – usually claiming that the 14th amendment allows him in. It does not – and a quick google search will find you the definitions and the arguments needed to settle this.

  • Mr. Obama’s America hating mother cannot have married, as he claims and the historical record supports, an Indonesian citizen and then sent the young Obama to a state approved Indonesian school without first renouncing both her own American citizenship and that of any dependent children, including Mr. Obama.Since it is certain that he lost his American citizenship while a dependent child and there’s nothing to suggest he ever bothered to reclaim it after his return to Hawaii, he cannot now be a citizen at all -no matter where he was born, and no matter who his father was.

So how can you help make the do-over happen? simple: you know who your congress critters are, so get in their faces on this issue – hit them with three questions:

  1. Do they remember that their oaths of office included swearing to uphold the Constitution of the United States – and are enforcible by criminal sanction and removal from office?
  2. Can they prove that Mr. Obama is constitutionally eligible?
  3. And, if not, why aren’t they acting, in Congress, to bring an immediate end to an unconstitutional Presidency?

At first you’ll be dismissed by answering machines and bottom level flunkies, but if you stick to it – go to their campaign offices and their public meetings; get after the media people they depend on for positive publicity; write, fax, email, and telephone them – the answers you get will gradually improve from attacks on you as a birther, a nutcase, an ignorant redneck to the usual list of excuses: from it’s too late (not true) and he was elected (irrelevant); to he’s a citizen because born in Hawaii (irrelevant).

Remember those little homilies you learned in grade school? – stuff like “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance”? and those uplifting little quotes – stuff like Franklin’s “We have given you a Republic, now see if you can keep it”? Well, now’s the time to add a little action to those. It’s your country: defend it.

Keep asking them the same questions: how can someone with a British father be natural born? How could his mother have married a Muslim in Indonesia and sent him to school there without renouncing his citizenship? and “as my representative, you swore to defend the constitution against all enemies, so why aren’t you acting against the usurper pretending to be President?”

Understand up front that neither your senator nor your congressman is going to want to hear anything about eligibility because the discussion catches them between rocks and hard places: between having sworn to defend the constitution against people like Mr. Obama and being afraid to act; afraid to rock the boat; afraid of media reaction; afraid of violence by a thugish few; afraid of being seen wrong.

So be polite, but be persistent: show them there’s more to fear from inaction than action – and if you can’t get their attention any other way, start a personal or class action asking that their oath be enforced – and continually point out that they have both the silver bullet, and the duty, to put an end to the current destruction of the American Republic.

Remember: it’s your country: defend it, or lose it.