The coming race to depose

As I mentioned yesterday, Mr. Obama could surprise the entire political establishment by admitting that he doesn’t meet the constitutional requirement that the president be a natural born citizen; resign accordingly, preside over a constitutional conference repealing this clause along with the 2nd and 22nd amendments, and then return with his agenda implemented by Biden and Clinton, no personal responsibility for the consequences, and a halo of personal integrity to protect whatever further actions he and his backers want taken.

It would be brilliant, but obviously so only if he’s vulnerable on eligibility grounds; and that’s just tin hat stuff, right?

Wrong, first there is simply no issue with respect to his inability to meet the “natural born citizen” requirement if you accept that his father was a British citizen from Kenya.

The use of “natural” in this context is an assertion of birth rights over legal rights; of God’s law over Man’s – and if Mr. Obama is, as he claims, the Hawaiian born son of an underage mother and a father holding British citizenship, then his American citizenship is clearly an artifact of law, not natural right – and he’s therefore ineligible for the office of the Presidency.

This is simple, black letter, stuff; apologists to the contrary there’s no issue in law here: no confusion, no scope for argument – but, very much like Mrs. Clinton’s ineligibility to serve as Secretary of State, it’s a technical issue perceived as unfair to a leading Democrat and therefore both off the table in terms of mass media coverage and terrifying to a liberal judiciary hurting from eight years of unrelenting media condemnation over Bush V. Gore.

Notice, however, that he could beat this charge simply by producing a birth certificate showing an American father – not a Kenyan diplomat in training but a far left American idealogue named Davis.

In contrast he has no obvious defense against the charge that he failed to reclaim American citizenship after returning to Hawaii, is therefore technically an illegal alien – and certainly not remotely eligible for the Office of the Presidency.

The reasoning here is simple:

  1. we know, from multiple sources including Obama himself, that his mother married a Muslim Indonesian citizen in 1966 and subsequently sent the young Obama to an Indonesian public school.
  2. we know, from multiple sources, that neither Indonesian nor religious law either at the time or after the citizenship reforms of the late 1960s would allow either the marriage or the school attendance unless his mother had first renounced her American citizenship and that of any dependent children, including Obama; and,
  3. we know that American law would have allowed the young Obama to reclaim his American citizenship after his return to Hawaii.

Since he studied law, especially constitutional law, and because we have no evidence that he ever reclaimed his American citizenship, we are entitled to conclude that he consciously decided not to – that he choose, instead, to honor his mother’s deep contempt for American values by perpetuating a significant electoral fraud on the country.

You don’t perp walk an elected president out of the Whitehouse because he failed to consider that his Kenyan father denied him natural born citizen status, but you do for expressing his contempt for the American constitution, and the American people, by consciously refusing to reclaim his citizenship.

And that, of course, is where the race to depose comes from: getting him quietly off stage promotes Mrs. Clinton, protects the agenda, and keeps people like Franks and Dodds out of jail – but getting him declared ineligible in court not only hands the Whitehouse to McCain/Palin while rolling back every action he’s taken, but also creates natural opportunities and constituencies for further investigation into the culture of corruption at the top of the Democratic party.