The Christendom Review

A new number of this excellent literary journal is available. Editor William Luse writes:

“The current issue of The Christendom Review is now online. In this issue we have Todd McKimmey’s own beautiful photography, the poetry debut (I believe) of a talented young woman out of Bryan College (something good’s going on up there), Elena Lee Johnson, and of the essays I’d particularly recommend Lydia McGrew’s “Epistemology, Miracles, and the God Who Speaks,” in which she deconstructs the logical irrationality of certain argumentative strategies employed by atheists against Christians. Her offerings always sharpen the believer’s intellectual armament, and in this regard she is a treasure. So read it.

In the Letter from the Editor, Rick Barnett takes note of the passing of Marion Montgomery, who was his personal friend. Mr. Montgomery – novelist, philosopher, cultural critic and Professor Emeritus at the University of Georgia – was also a friend to Flannery O’Connor and most of the major Southern writers of the 20th century. He was 86.”

I’d add that my friend Mr. Luse has contributed a short essay, another of his superb blends of memory and artistry, to conclude the issue.