Renewal on the Right

The airwaves are full of talk about how to revive or renew the GOP and Conservatism. Rightly so. But such a task must be undertaken on a number of levels. One level is that of intellect and scholarship; and renewal on that level will be a matter of introspection, careful study, and refinement of arguments. We need to go back and recover our roots.

Now what is it, exactly, that we aim to conserve? It is, I submit, nothing less than the American political tradition, which our Liberals have spent generations now attempting to derail. So our work of intellect and scholarship should begin with a recovery of that tradition.

Alas, the academy being what it is, many of us are left to grope in the dark as it were. We have few reliable guides.

One such guide is Georgetown’s George W. Carey, whose achievement is the subject of a useful little book recently released by ISI, an excerpt of which may be read here.