Wanna Hear The Sound of Palin-Smear Blowback?

While the campaigns go about their business of calling each other lying bags of dog excrement, and the left wing media (who actually are lying bags of dog excrement) go about trying to smear Sarah Palin, her daughters, her husband, Alaska, mayors, small towns, bitter clingers, and anyone who disagrees with Barack Obama on principle; A word of caution.

The voters are watching.

Listen to the frustrated rage of the woman at McCain’s townhall. Transcript follows.

Audience member: “I just wanted to take an opportunity to ask the media: ‘Where’s your thirty investigators over in Chicago look at Ayers?’”“We want the media to start doing their job and stop picking on little children because of their age and their pregnancies. Shame on you, shame on all of yous.”McCain: “That is a great question.”McCain assures crowd: “She can take it.”

The media are doing more for the McCain/Palin GOTV than all the McCain ads combined. The only way these SOBs will learn their lesson, is for Obama (and his obscenely left wing ideology) to lose so badly and completely that there can be no doubt that their bias and their brand of liberalism were the cause of the train-wreck. And when they start talking about how racism in America was the real reason, we will have a short and simple response: Go scr*w yourselves you lying bastards.

For more red meat, Hot Air has bonus audio of McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt positively nuking the New York Times for their biased coverage.

From Political Hub TV via Hot Air.

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