ImPalin Obama: Barack “Flustered,” Supporters “Frightened,” Aides Whine About Palin’s “Celebrity Treatment”

BWAAAAAA HA HA!! Folks, Sarah Palin has the entire Obama campaign in therapy. They have absolutely no idea what hit them. Listen to the panic.

At campaign headquarters in Chicago, the Palin phenomenon is clearly getting under the skin of some aides, who complain she is getting “celebrity” treatment. “The McCain campaign attacks Obama as a celebrity, but they are completely managing Palin’s celebrity — with only handpicked interviews and magazine covers in People and Us,” one Obama adviser said. “We’re not running for American Idol here — ultimately we believe the country is smarter than this.”

So last month’s American Idol winner, Barack Obama, wants the show cancelled, so we don’t get a newer, fresher winner this month? They are actually squealing about how the McCain campaign is managing Palin’s celebrity. I am sensing either lunacy or mild retardation in Camp Obama.

Even the boss is having trouble coping.

Sen. Barack Obama, slipping in national polls, is showing signs of being distracted by the enthusiasm generated by the McCain-Palin ticket and is planning a sharper message focused on economic anxiety. [snip]For his part, Sen. Obama has appeared flustered at times as he defends himself against Republican attacks.

His supporters are panicking.

Obama backers are worried. During a question session in Norfolk, a voter told Sen. Obama he was frightened that tactics that led to John Kerry’s 2004 defeat by President Bush could throw his candidacy off track. Sen. Obama replied that he would respond by emphasizing issues such as the economy, education, health care, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama is going to meet with Bill Clinton and I think topic Number One is to drop Biden and add Hillary to the ticket. Otherwise, Obama will lose this thing.

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