Media: The Iditarod Idiot Is Headed To Alaska To Hide

More paranoid fallout from the We-Didn’t-Get-To-Vet-Her whiners in the MSM. Palin is afraid to face us!!

Grab some Rolaids, you’ll have to suffer through Olbermann and Howard Fineman to get the initial story.

Note the insults. Fineman calls the Palin pick the “accidental brilliance” of John McCain and reminds us that Palin is actually the “Heiress of George W. Bush.”

The McCain campaign says they spirited her out of Alaska to keep the announcement a surprise and she needs to return to Alaska for a few days to get her affairs in order (she is the sitting governor, jackass) and wants to be there on September 11, when her son Track ships out for Iraq.

Fineman, however, sees a conspiracy. He says the campaign’s “excuse” is that she needs to wrap things up and see her son off to war, but in reality, the trip is just so they can “educate Sarah Palin” (who is a bumpkin moron) on the issues. Yup, she’s just a pretty face, so we need to be sure that her pea-brain is filled with all the right answers so she can fool everybody into thinking she knows what she is talking about. Note well the continuing sexist, empty-headed bimbo meme here.

Washington Monthly advances the Scared Sweetie story.

NBC News’ Chuck Todd reported the same thing yesterday, saying Palin will “hole up in Alaska” and we “may not see her on the campaign trail for a little while.”Election Day is in just 60 days. The conventions are over, Labor Day has come and gone, and the stretch run is underway. Now, however, it’s time to “pause to train”? It sounds like the campaign still has some serious concerns about Palin’s ability to answer questions about her readiness for national office.

This is then turned into fleeing from the media and hiding out until journalists forget about her.

These reporters already underestimated her once, to McCain’s and Palin’s great benefit. If they keep up the good work, they might just provide McCain/Palin the landslide they so justly deserve.

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