New York Times Shocker: Only 31% of Whites Have Favorable Opinion of Obama

As a rough estimate, if you believe the country is split 50/50, that means all of the white Republicans and 40% of the white Democrats do not have a favorable opinion of the Democrat nominee. Can you win a presidential election with those numbers?

McCain has a 35% favorability rating.

The real kicker for Hillary supporters is that their candidate has a favorability of 40% among whites.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but among whites, Hillary beats McCain. Obama loses.

Bubba still beats ’em all at 42%.

The Times did the poll largely to take the temperature of race relations.

Americans are sharply divided by race heading into the first election in which an African-American will be a major-party presidential nominee, with blacks and whites holding vastly different views of Senator Barack Obama, the state of race relations and how black Americans are treated by society, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. [snip]After years of growing political polarization, much of the divide in American politics is partisan. But Americans’ perceptions of the fall presidential election between Mr. Obama, Democrat of Illinois, and Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, also underlined the racial discord that the poll found. More than 80 percent of black voters said they had a favorable opinion of Mr. Obama; about 30 percent of white voters said they had a favorable opinion of him.

So there’s the gist of it. But some of the stuff in the guts of the poll that the Times did not discuss in the article are pretty interesting.

On Illegal Immigration, the Republicans have a winning issue here, but the wrong candidate to capitalize on it. Fully 60% of all respondents believe illegal immigration is a “Very Serious” problem, and 29% a “Somewhat Serious” problem, for a total of 89%. Opportunity lost there. The irony is that among Hispanics 48% say “Very” and 30% “Somewhat.” That is 78% of Hispanics. So why are these idiot candidates pandering?

Then there is this little gem. On the question, “Would you personally vote for a presidential candidate who is black, or not?” 5% of whites said no, and 6% of blacks said no. Who are the racists again?

Also buried in the numbers is bad news for the enviro-kooks. When asked what they thought was the most important problem facing the country today, there were 24 different issues mentioned. The top three.

  • Economy 38%
  • Heating Oil/Gas Crisis 14%
  • War 10%
  • Environment (note – Global Warming or Climate Change were not specific categories) got 3%.

    Only 50% of voters were happy with the choice of the two candidates, with 47% wishing they had “other choices.” It wasn’t broken out by party affiliation. How many of the 47% are Hillary’s crew?

    Only 32% of whites think Obama is “Very Patriotic” versus 77% for McCain (a lot more than double). That’s one of the intangible, gut issues voters will grapple with while standing in the voting booth. Bad news for BHO there?

    Only 37% of whites think Obama says what he believes; 57% think he says what people want to hear.

    Big surprise.

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