Virginia Wants To Drill - Moonbats Go Crazy

Here is where the proposed drilling would be. From The Washington Post.

Right out of the box, the Post starts by misleading its readers.

Energy experts, though, say Ocean City sunbathers probably won’t find themselves staring out at oil rigs anytime soon.

According to the Post’s own map, the drilling would be at least 50 miles offshore. So Ocean City sunbathers will actually never see any oils rigs. But let’s not let stubborn things like facts get in the way of the propaganda.

But seeing the rigs is one thing. The enviro-kooks are completely unhinged on every aspect of drilling.

“You are looking at a pristine natural habitat destroyed. You’re looking at dead fish floating in the water. You’re looking at shorebirds and migratory birds and waterfowl covered in oil,” said Kathy Phillips, an environmental activist for Assateague Island, whose title is “coastkeeper.” She was imagining a major oil spill washing up on the island’s shores. “People on this coast don’t have any idea of what it involves,” she said.

Actually, we’re not looking at any of that. And neither is she. It’s all in her fevered head. And what the hell is a “coastkeeper” anyway?

Maryland officials oppose all drilling, citing the risk of a spill. This, despite the fact that the risks of modern drilling are virtually nil.

Local environmentalists say they are against any drilling, citing concerns about leaky pipelines, new on-shore processing plants and platform lights that might clutter up a pristine night sky. They are also afraid of a large-scale oil spill — though officials at two national seashore parks along the Gulf Coast said this week that offshore rigs near them cause few major pollution problems.

For some perspective as to how difficult it is to have a spill from an offshore rig, one need only note that when when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita smashed into the Gulf Coast in 2005, MSNBC reported that while more than 7 million gallons of oil were spilled from industrial plants, storage depots and other facilities around southeast Louisiana, the Coast Guard received no reports of any offshore spills.

But the environmentalists also don’t want those stubborn facts to get in the way of their vivid imaginations. You see, the world as we know it will end, even if no oil is spilled, because oil, by its very existence, is bad.

On the Eastern Shore, activists say that drilling could still harm the environment, even if nobody spills a drop. If burning the oil and gas contributes to climate change, they say, it would help raise the seas, which could swamp parts of the peninsula within a century.”Why would we further jeopardize our coast with additional sea-level rise?” said Glen Besa, of the Virginia chapter of the Sierra Club.

Raise the seas? Call the men in white coats and get these lunatics out of here.

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