Preacher: "Pour Out a Little Hennessy, Smoke a Bag of Weed If You Want To"

This church is probably packed on Saturday nights.

There is a case in Maryland involving a guy who allegedly ran over a police officer and killed him. The guy was arrested and, while in jail awaiting trial, somebody killed him. Not very good jail-keeping there.

Anyway, the preacher at the dead guy’s funeral seems to have found some heretofore unknown Biblical guidance on grieving.

The pastor urged those at White’s funeral to resist the impulse to lash out.”This is not the time to threaten or be threatened,” Gurley said. God, he said, would ensure that justice is done.”Pour out a little Hennessy [cognac], drink some 40s, smoke a bag of weed, hit a dipper or two if you want to . . . but that won’t bring him back,” he said. “Get as drunk or as high as you want and do it in his honor if you want to, but that will not bring him back.”

Heard a lot of stuff come out of the mouths of preachers this year. Encouraging criminal behavior from the pulpit is a new one.

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