Virginia House Passes Offshore Drilling Bill

From Newt’s American Solutions.

Good news today from Virginia on offshore drilling. HB6006, a bill that would allow vital oil and natural gas exploration off the Virginia coastline, passed the House of Delegates by 56 to 39.The bill would also use the revenue from the offshore drilling to help pay for Virginia’s transportation needs. With Congress refusing to take action to drill here and drill now, it’s nice to see the states take some initiative.Delegate Chris Saxman, the bill’s author, said this in a press release:> Though federal officials will ultimately decide whether to lift the ban on offshore drilling, it is important for Virginia, possessing potentially significant offshore resources, to prepare for that possibility now. By passing House Bill 6006, the Virginia General Assembly can send a strong message to Congress that we are ready to act.> Thanks to all the Virginians who called their Delegate asking them to support the bill. Now, we need you to call your State Senator to encourage them to support offshore drilling as well.

A similar bill was killed last month in the Democrat controlled Senate on a party line vote. My friends, especially my fellow Virginians, those Senate Democrats are in the Kill Box. We have a tough U.S. Senate battle in November and Barry thinks he can color the state blue. Gas prices and drilling are the issues on which Republicans can win. If the Virginia Senate votes down the drilling bill again, not only are they not supporting lowering gas prices, they will be voting to raise taxes, as the oil revenues will be used to fund state transportation projects, which otherwise have to be paid for in additional taxes. If they kill this bill, they must be made to pay dearly in November for their folly.

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