Liberals States Trying To Circumvent Electoral College

We know how much the left loves the Constitution. It is a constant roadblock to their attempts to control every aspect of our lives. See, the Constitution sets forth restrictions on the power of goverment in order to preserve freedom. Since the liberals are all about government control, it is no wonder they keep butting up against it.

Their latest effort to screw with the rules is called the National Popular Vote (NPV) initiative. From the Wall Street Journal.

With their appeal to independents, Barack Obama and John McCain may scramble the electoral map in November. Others want to go further and throw out the Electoral College completely, replacing this “complicated” and “undemocratic” system with a direct, nationwide popular vote for the presidency. Despite its democratic allure, it’s a bad idea.

Backers of the popular vote do not seek to amend the Constitution; they know this is a nonstarter. Instead, a growing “National Popular Vote” (NPV) movement wants state legislatures to instruct their electors to vote for the winner of the greatest number of popular votes in the national election — regardless of the ballots cast by voters in their own states.Massachusetts (12 electoral votes) may enact an NPV law as early as next week. Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey and Hawaii (with a total of 50 electoral votes) have already signed on. It’s being considered in North Carolina, Rhode Island and California. To succeed, the plan needs to enlist just enough states to command 270 electoral votes, or a majority of the Electoral College.

Note, with the exception of North Carolina (must be a typo), it is all of the Communist States of America.

A good example of the NPV in action would be to take Massachusetts in the 2004 election. Kerry won 62-37; a spread of 25 points. But since Bush won the overall popular vote, the Massachusetts electors would be instructed to vote for him, not Kerry. Isn’t that nice and Democratic? The people of Massachusetts overwhelmingly vote for one candidate and the other guy wins the state.

Likewise in 1996, Clinton won 49.2% of the popular vote (what a mandate!), but Bob Dole won North Carolina 49-44. Under the NPV, North Carolina electors would have had to vote for Clinton even though the voters did not.

But of course the real reason these Democrats want to bypass the rules is the 2000 election. George Bush won North Carolina. Gore won the popular vote. If North Carolina passes the NPV legislation, their electors would have had to vote for Gore, even though the voters of NC did not choose him, and Gore would have been the 43rd president.

Only in the liberal mind would it seem remotely just to have the majority of the people of a state vote for somebody and have the result be the exact opposite.

These scurrilous bastards know they could never get the Constitution amended to carry out their plan, so they resort to cheating. The scary part is, as the article notes, when these states constitute a majority of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency, they will have succeeded in killing the Electoral College and caused disenfranchisement not only of their own citizens, but of all of the Americans in the Red States, who chose not to go along with their little plan.

By the way, Illinois is part of the cabal. Maybe somebody ought to ask Obama whether he agrees with it.

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