Obamacare and Death Panels... we're not laughing, libs.

Something Awful has been one of the flagship Internet humor websites for quite some time. Anybody familiar with memes would know that they’re responsible for All Your Base Are Belong to Us, Chuck Norris, lolcats, etc. It’d be fair to say that they’ve got their finger on the pulse of what the Internet finds funny – they’re way ahead of the curve. It’s not so much of a trendmaker as it is a trend observer. Since the Internet is home to an overwhelming amount of liberals pushing their propaganda (or maybe just a few extremely efficient Soros/Soetoro Inc. employees), when Something Awful begins to whitewash Obamacare, one should start to worry. Liberal writer “Mobutu Sese Seko” – blatantly named after an African authoritarian dictator – has produced a racist, sexist, anti-freedom piece with a message: Obamacare is good, and everything you’ve heard about it is bad. Also, the right-wing is crazy for opposing it.


Just on the first page, an anti-freedom message bashes you over the head. It only gets worse from there. It jokes that libs have produced real live death panels like American Idol, with the judges being Obama, hermaphrodite Paula AbdulAl-Sotomayor, and American Idol judge Simon Cowell (is he an actual Communist?). Sick people go before them, and with the assistance of the UN (barf alert), they decide what seem like exaggerated and cruel punishments for the sick. The government has every say in what happens, the author takes glee in bashing conservatives, and at the end, a gun-loving redneck is harrassed by Barney Frank and sent off to a concentration camp full of other conservatives.

Obama does many “un-PC” things like eat watermelon, drink beer, and give his homies a slap on the wrist for committing crimes. Sotomayor is portrayed as an idiota hermaphrodite (thumbs up for that choice).

Liberals (or is it “progressives” again? I can never tell, just going to “Communist” would be a lot less confusing for everyone, and a lot more accurate) bashing conservatives, freedom, and guns is nothing new. But what makes this writing enraging and worrisome is that liberals will just mock conservatives objection to the loss of freedoms on every step down the path toward socialism when conservative objections most need to be heard. England has something eerily similar to what’s being described – something the author knows, with his comments about Simon Cowell. The descriptions are meant to be over-the-top, but remove some of the caricatures, profanity, and formatting, and it’s actually something that could happen in our childrens’ lifetime.

Anti-reality liberals are also nothing new, but never before have I seen such an open attempt to mock a horrific future, declaring it “irrational” and “impossible” when something so close to it is already on the horizon. I worry that if the rest of the Obots and Sorosmachines pick up on this trend of mocking Obamacare that soon any medical freedoms remaining will vanish, and death panels will become what the media claiming saying conservatives were saying – real, actual death panels, and not just doctors making choices harmful to their patients over government control concerns. One way to make the people complacent is to tell them that any worries are unfounded and ridiculous. Was that a rule from Marx, Alinsky, Hitler? Probably all 3. I don’t remember. I don’t even care. I just want to think that conservatives will see right through this and fight back. We cannot mock something so close to the present. Tyranny is not up for derision.