On Religious Strife

       “Progressive Secularism” has become a religion embraced by a vocal activist minority in the United States.  Why is it a religion and why is it important to recognize it as such?  I will attempt to answer these questions.  Read on.

         A religion can be an objective attended to or pursued with zeal or conscientious devotion.  This rather broad definition could fit a lot of things but the connection of PS with religion goes far deeper.

         It is faith based.  These people fervently believe in the tenets of Man Made Climate Change, Anti Capitalism, Benevolent Big Government, and Anti-Americanism, and they can not be reasoned with.  Dissenters are to be silenced, smeared, trashed – not on reasoned grounds but on the grounds that Dissenters are divisive, ignorant, benefit financially, or are even unpatriotic. 

         The Climate Change crowd has developed a whole religious infrastructure with Al Gore as the high priest, Wall Street opportunists hoping to jump in on the upcoming carbon credit scam, a cadre of Government sponsored grantees keeping the hype alive and of course, a bunch of ovine media types selectively reporting the facts.  I know from personal experience that challenging them on the science available to us gets you labeled a Global Warming denier who doesn’t understand science.  (I have a Masters Degree in Science and my accuser was a high school kid.)  This connection with religion became clear to me last month when I had a short layover at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport. I was drawn to a display on climate change and central to it was a computer system which could be used by the faithful to input the length of their flight, read how much carbon-notice how it’s now carbon, not carbon dioxide- you are responsible for creating and how much money it would take to mitigate it.  Then swipe your credit card and you can proceed on with a clear conscious.  Al Gore can then use your money to fuel his private jet, light his Tennessee mansion-and maybe plant a tree or save a rain forest that wasn’t in danger anyway.  Like a medieval Pope telling Galileo the earth is too the center of the Universe, Gore and his acolytes tell us the earth is too getting warmer.  Galileo looks through his telescope and sees moons orbiting Jupiter and we pay higher energy taxes as we sit shivering in our dimly lit houses.

         Then there is the Anti-Capitalist Doctrine.  This is the one that allows Michael Moore to report that Cuba spends $250 annually per person for health care and the U.S. spends $6000 so the difference goes to profits. ” Profit” fits the spot in their lexicon once occupied by “evil”.  Evil is not a recognized concept because it is judgmental.  This doctrine holds that some Government Central Planning Organization would be better for us than the free and open market.  This has got to be accepted as an article of faith since Capitalism provides prosperity wherever it is tried-like Singapore, and their system has produced misery and poverty wherever it is tried-like Cuba.

         Anti Americanism anyone?  Count Obama in.  He has gone around the world apologizing for our lousy behavior to the benighted and civilized world.  Does it strike anyone else as bizarre that our President turned down an invitation to attend the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall?  Perhaps he couldn’t bear to hear nice things said about President Reagan.  His foreign policy so far seems to have been invented by the High Priest of the Hate America crowd-Noam Chompsky.  Look him up if you are not familiar with him.  For a country that bailed Europe out twice, defeated a militaristic Japan seeking to dominate Asia, kept South Korea out of the Communists mitts, kept hope alive in Europe with radio broadcasts spreading the truth, brought the Soviet Union and it’s global domination hopes to an end, saved the Jews of Israel from a second holocaust, ran Iraq out of Kuwait, uh, what are we apologizing for.  Maybe because we sent 100,000 Peace Corps volunteers to assist the poor, were the first to bring relief to flood, tsunami, earthquake, volcano, storm, famine, etc. victims.  Oh well, what the hell.  It’s a religion after all and you have to have faith

         So what happens to a society when a new religion is accepted?  A look through the History Book shows us it is not good. Typically, the victorious devotees tear things down and kill the remaining non believers.  This seems to be a goal which is achieved with varying degrees of success.

          It took Christianity nearly 275 years to become the dominant religion of the Roman Empire. So they set about strengthening the Empire, right.  No.  They had to stamp out the Arian Heresy.  A civil war to make the Roman Pope the big Kahuna was a much higher priority than dealing with those pesky barbarians. The Pope won, the Western Empire fell, and the dark ages happened.

         When the Catholic Church had wallowed in corruption and disgrace for a few centuries some reformers came along.  They were persecuted and eventually formed a new religion, still Christian, called Protestant.  Wars, burning people alive, ravaging much of the European Continent followed.  As a part of this sorry episode in history we learn of the Thirty Years War in which Protestant Armies vied with Catholic Armies to see who could ravage the most of Germany or the English Civil War where Royalist and Puritan armies did the same unto the British Isles. 

         Once we resolved these important matters along came that new religion, Communism.  Designed for Western Europe it surprisingly took hold in Russia.  The first order of business of course was to destroy the Russian Orthodox Church and kill a few tens of million people who they deemed killable.  Our mainstream media, by the way, acted as their cheerleader in this country-just in case you thought they may be of use.

         Shortly after, we were introduced to National Socialism.  This became all the rage in Germany, Italy, and Spain.  It wasn’t long before Italy started conquering Mediterranean countries-sort of a cheesy but modern Roman Empire.  Not to be outdone Germany started conquering everyone in sight.  Oh, I almost forgot.  They, too, killed their citizens who didn’t go along with them and threw in a few million Jews just for the heck of it.  Were these religions?  Well they had a high Priest-Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler.  They had ceremonies, a doctrine, missionaries, (Eichman was just spreading the word after all).  Of course when China adopted the new religion somewhere around forty million were killed.  The Khmer Rouge only killed six million to convert Cambodia but they didn’t have that many to start with.

         So, if we allow the PSs to prevail, what will they do?  They already seem willing to throw the Constitution overboard.  Their grab of the health care industry will grant them power over our lives.  Given the nasty brutish language they use for their enemies they don’t seem inclined to rule with a velvet glove.  History tells us we must not lose this struggle.  The best way to win is at the ballot box. We must elect conservatives that will return us to constitutional government. Our military leaders are sworn to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Given the army brass’ sorry performance concerning the Ft. Hood terrorist incident one wonders. Hopefully we won’t have to resort to revolution to preserve Liberty.