In Search of Bob Basso

For months I have been Twittering, asking what had happened to Mr. Bob Basso (of Thomas Paine, Common Sense videos).

No one knew anything about what supposedly transpired in April of 2009, when he was purportedly summoned to the White House by President Obama; to discuss “the disturbing nature of the videos.” Well, I e-mailed Mr. Basso last night and asked if he would clarify the situation. He has not yet responded, but, as I searched for more information about him today, I happened upon this May 2009 VIDEO that shows the rumors to be false.

It is because of Mr. Basso’s passion and common sense words that I have become an activist for America and for its Constitution. He, more than anyone else, except Sarah Palin, has renewed my pride as a Conservative, and my love for my country.

It is my hope that I can convince Mr. Basso to travel to San Diego, that we could hold a Constitutional Faire. In it, we would disseminate information about our nation’s politics, how our system of government works, and perhaps even have patriotic music played by a live band. The event would be geared to both adults and children. There would be costumed performers, food, and above all,  fellowship for all who call themselves Patriotic Americans.

If you or your organization would be interested in coordinating efforts, please feel free to let me know in the Comments section!