Rules for Radicalized Conservatives

In response to Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, I came up with twelve rules I think we should all adhere to in order to actively fight the liberal-socialist scum who are attempting to take control of every aspect of our lives:

Rules for Cons #1: Be informed and use irrefutable facts. Understand that liberals employ false logic (anti-American arguments are the only good arguments, while pro-American arguments are always bad arguments). Therefore, it is not worth your time or energy to “debate” a liberal. If you decide to engage one, be armed with well-documented facts that will destroy their fallacies. Liberals are hypocrites and liars. They are also poor losers. Expect ridicule and insane viewpoints from them.

Rules for Cons #2: Dismiss Political Correctness for the Marxist cultural doctrine that it is. It was designed by radicals to weaken and then destroy Western Civilization. If someone calls you a racist, recognize they are losing the debate. When they play the race card, toss it away and don’t play their game. All they will do when they are losing is change the rules.

Rules for Cons #3: Recognize and treat liberals for what they are: Anti-American. No matter what a liberal claims, unless he understands and believes in our Constitution, genuinely respects our historical and religious heritage, and actively supports the rights of ALL Americans, and not just of “Progressives,” he is irrefutably anti-American (and therefore, a member of the enemy within). View and treat him as such.

Rules for Cons #4: Expose and refute liberal media bias and disinformation.The Media is not a dispassionate Fourth Estate whose purpose is to counter political excesses and overreaching in our government (if it ever was). It is now solely a propaganda machine for the Fifth Column. A nation cannot be free without a free, unbiased media. We are not free.

Rules for Cons #5: Disobey and legally fight unconstitutional laws. Because Congress has for decades been derelict in its duty to steward our tax monies efficiently and wisely, we must now band together and NOT pay federal taxes. As long as Congress ceases to represent We the People, we must not provide them with OUR money. Imprisonment and fines may be levied. But we must not let our government treat us as cash cows to milk for their own purposes.

Rules for Cons #6: ALWAYS stand up for and uphold the Constitution. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. WE have the true power in this nation, as documented in our Constitution. READ it and study it. Educate yourself on all available documents written by our Founders and Framers. Be proud of who you are and just how remarkable our Constitution really is!

Rules for Cons #7: Respect and remember the sacrifices made by our countrymen and women. NEVER forget the price they paid in blood and limb, and in lost dreams and potential. They chose to fight for this country, and in too many cases, ceased to exist so that our country could continue. They enabled you to enjoy the freedoms you have, and now, you must do the same for our future generations.

Rules for Cons #8: Preserve the spirit and principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution at all costs; and never forget our religious roots. Teach your children about American Exceptionalism. Establish educational programs and foundations to drown out the stream of liberal indoctrination that is demoralizing and perverting our youth, and turning them into dependent, weak-willed parasites on society. Instill in our youth a solid sense of self-reliance, self-determination, faith, respect, and courage. And, never allow our nation’s sovereignty to be diminished or to be subject to control by corrupt agencies, such as the United Nations.

Rules for Cons #9: Be willing to fight against governmental tyranny, as our forefathers instructed. Know that GOD, not our government, made us free. If our government attempts to take away our rights, it is no longer legitimate. It’s your choice to live free or to be enslaved.

Rules for Cons #10: Exemplify moral values in your everyday lives. Loyalty is a crucial American character trait. Despite powerful temptations, be ever faithful to your family, your country, and to our Creator.  Only Jesus was perfect. If you do fail to uphold your values, do right by the aggrieved and make restitution. Resign immediately from any post of leadership until such time as others believe you are truly contrite and have proven it.

Rules for Cons #11: Organize and support your fellow Conservative;  especially when it is inconvenient to do so. Never leave a patriot behind. Be “an American.” Also, encourage, support, and fight for others in need, or anyone who is being oppressed. Liberty is a universal right. Always be courageous in the face of evil arrogance. Act and do what is right. Indecision and ambivalence leads to moral equivalence, and that allows evil to flourish.

Rules for Cons #12: Recognize, name, and then fight the enemies of this land. We are in the midst of a culture war. It is not a genteel discussion that follows Robert’s Rules. It is a gutter fight. Expect to get bruised. Be willing to parry, thrust, and coupe de grace. Investigate, analyze, and expose the enemy. Make no mistake: Progressives have been at war with Americans for decades. Either fight, or they will succeed in turning this country from a representative republic into a despotic oligarchy where the individual has no rights.