Why You're Wrong About the Right

We’ve all heard them…

Republicans are racist or their bigots or perhaps that conservatives are a bunch of rednecks, maybe even a bit like Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel from the Simpson’s in that episode where Bart and Lisa get to look into the future and there he is the Vice President. The stereotypes and the images are all out there and there are touted for the world to see as if somehow the more you repeat them the more credence they are lent or the more weight that they are given. It’s almost become a punchline for a joke, like when former Congressman J.C. Watts would recount his fathers thoughts on African American Republicans, saying that he would tell him that a African American voting for a Republican is “a lot like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.”Tonight on Patriot Action Live, joined by two bright up and comers in the conservative movement, Brett Joshpe and S.E. Cupp, we explored those myths and the reality that lies behind them.

It’s hard to beat the caliber of these two young emerging conservative thinkers and what they offer to the dominant debates and discourses amidst our current political dialogue.

Brett and S.E. are the authors of a new book, “Why You’re Wrong About the Right:Behind the Myths: The Surprising Truth About Conservatives”. Seen on CSPAN Book TV and heard on The Alan Combes Radio Show, The Andrew Wilkow Show and a number of other places they are two unlikely conservatives, growing up in the predominantly liberal Northeast and attending schools like Cornell and Harvard in the middle of what could only be dubbed as Blue Country, who have become articulate apologists for the right in American politics. A book that should be required reading for every conservative seeking a better understanding of the myths surrounding the ideology and how to counter them through intelligent, articulate thought and any liberal seeking a better comprehension of conservatism, it tackles some of the tougher issues and lighter questions surrounding what it truly means to be on the right. With 40 hard hitting conservatives from all walks of life, from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to Rocker Ted Nugent, from Conservative Pundit and Main Stay Tucker Carlson to former all star pitcher Curt Shilling, from Pulitzer Prize winning Columnist George Wills to president of the Log Cabin Republicans Patrick Sammon, and so many more, the collection of thoughts, stories and wealth of experiences in this book makes it a must read for any serious student of political thought.

In their 90 minute interview for Patriot Action they took that knowledge and experience to give a look at what is in the book and so much more. Whether it’s the re-writing of history, the idea that all Republicans are racist or that all Republicans are homophobic, right down to the thought that Republicans aren’t cool or Republicans aren’t funny, it’s covered in a clear and concise way that leaves little room to argue the points being made. There they offer the fundamental thesis that there can not even be a stereotypical conservative, the independent nature of conservatism rejects that basic idea, going through case by case, examples of diverging thoughts that, at there base, have core values at heart, working to bring us together despite our varying walks, or paths but that differ on either the means of getting to the places where we need to be, or on some of the other basic thoughts and questions that surround the way we answer the tough political questions. In other words, there is no single, prototypical Republican or conservative to set the mold by, a idea that they unequivocally make the case for, leaving little room to debate the point.

So make sure you check out the archive at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotaction and pick up a copy of “Why You’re Wrong About the Right:Behind the Myths: The Surprising Truth About Conservatives”. You will be glad you did.