Our Apologies Mrs. Clinton

Well we must apologize…

Tonight on Patriot Action Live we wanted to take at least one half of the Hillary Clinton Challenge. On Saturday, appearing before the American Federation of Teachers, New York’s Junior Senator, one time First Lady, and one time Democratic Presidential Hopeful Hillary Clinton, the candidate that proved it was not only possible to squander a huge lead over her rival, Illinois Senator Barack Obama, but that she was just the person to do it, said that this campaign would be a tough one, but that it shouldn’t be. She would then go on to elaborate saying Republicans should hold a Press Conference tomorrow, apologize to the Nation and say that they will not run a candidate in the 2008 election. The crux of the Clinton argument, that the Republican White House has lost the Public trust.Well, if that is the case, apologies, well they are in order….

We decided though that if this was the criteria that was going to be used, well then apologies are in order from from the ones who have lost the most public trust.

The problem of course is that’s not the Republican White House, but the Democratic Congress, controlled by Speaker of the House Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid. Over a shorter period of time they were able to squander considerable good will and tank the Congressional Approval rating. There they would take it to all time lows, the most recent polls, AP-Ipsos, listing their approval rating hovering around 18 percent, while their disapproval numbers are at 77, a 59 point credibility gap with the American people. Quinpac, their poll concluding a day earlier shows 14 percent approval versus a 77 percent disapproval for a 63 point spread.

Of course, going into a list of issues that we expect an apology from the Congressional Democrats on opened a host of problems, the proverbial Pandora’s Box, except without hope flying out at the end, unless you consider what Presumptive Democratic Nominee Barack Obama’s selling to be hope.

Between Pelosi’s promises of the most ethical Congress possible and her support of Pennsylvania Congressman Jack Murtha over Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyers, Murtha often the target of ethics investigations and long considered perhaps on of the least ethical Congressmen in the House, to put it kindly, as Majority Leader, to California Congressman Pete Starks atrocious comments about President George W. Bush during the expansion of SCHIP debates, where he accused the President of sending kids to Iraq to have their heads “blown off” for his amusement, the list seemed to go on and on of shameful displays shown by the Congressional Democrats. It’s really been an unmitigated disaster as they seem to trip and fall and fumble from one mistake to another, squandering every last ounce of the public trust along the way.

Well, as it would turn out that amidst all of that we would run out of time to write out our list of what the Republicans need to apologize for, save one, moving away from the core principles that have lead to the Party’s previous success to the point where they, and the American people, were punished by having this current majority elected to control Congress.

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