Traditional Marriage vs Modern Family

Rudolph Valentino, one of television’s first actors, was arrested in California for divorcing and remarrying because divorce was illegal.
California was the first state to adopt the Liberal’s ideology, No Fault Divorce, and now continues to maintain the highest divorce rate in the entire United States and the United States maintains the highest divorce rate in the entire world. This despite the fact that divorce rates have leveled off because of people waiting longer to get married or not getting married altogether.
After fifty years since the “Social Acceptance” of No Fault Divorce in lieu of traditional marriage, children are now being raised in broken homes and single parent families, and Liberal’s have forced, through the socialist leadership of Barrack Obama, social change for all Americans to recognize that a “Modern Family” marriage is redefined to no longer be just between a man and woman, but also includes people with a same sex attraction having a “Legislated Judicial Perceived Constitutional Right” to adopt and raise children in a sexually confused and conflicted so called, “family”, environment.
“Sam Sturgeon, president of Demographic Intelligence, says bluntly that the United States has been experiencing a “cultural retreat from marriage.”
Sturgeon cites two factors: a stumbling economy that has hit men—particularly blue-collar men—hard, making them less likely to be seen as marriage material. A second is the growing willingness of couples to cohabitate—what used to be called “shacking up”—and even bring children into the world without benefit of a life-long marriage commitment.
The effects on such children can be devastating. Children from divorced or never-married homes are more likely to die in infancy, more likely to get divorced themselves or become unwed parents later in life, more likely to live in poverty, more likely to fail in school, less likely to graduate from college and get a good job, less likely to be in good physical health, more likely to abuse drugs as teens and adults, have lower life expectancies, have higher rates of mental illness, be at greater risk of suicide and child abuse—and on and on.”
The liberal’s 8 years of social reformation to American heritage has been devastating to the point that traditional marriage may never recover, however, it doesn’t mean that Americans can’t make the argument that recognition of a same sex marriage should remain a State’s Right because States Rights always respects the Will of the Majority Rule, “We The People”.  Well, The Majority Rule has spoken Pres. Elect Donald J. Trump and now it’s, (OUR TURN!)