The Heart Beat of America is Conservative

I have heard that liberalism stands up for individuals rights when in fact, liberalism is socialism in disguise and the core agenda of socialism is, not to stand up for individuals rights, but rather to make the government the authority in control of individuals rights, to be the only decision maker in the scope of those rights, and be the final say in exactly what those individual rights will be. 
Jesse Watters, of the O’Reilly Factor/Watters World, once asked a person who identified as being a “liberal”, “What does it mean to be liberal?” The person replied, ” A liberal believes the government is “Of the people, for the people and by the people.” Jesse Watters replied, “That’s a conservative.” To which the person replied, “REALLY!?” 
I have always said that Liberalism can not thrive nor survive without socialism and now I also say that socialism can not exist without “deceit”, because at the heart of every American, who truly respects and defends freedom, the right of self government, and wants to be free of government tyranny, there is a conservative. This country was founded on the people’s right to self govern “without” government approval. Socialism’s ugly face, is not a government that represents the will of the people, but is a government that rules the people, having the last say, and dictates to the people what is just, moral and socially acceptable and what is not.

 It is evident that the American people have most definitely gotten a taste of liberalism and what socialism feels and looks like  because of the dire economic straits and moral social decline America has now been forced to endure,  these past seven years, because of superficially electing a Liberal Democrat Socialist president because of his race and the liberal judicial activism that supports him.  And now, as foretold, the American people also know that the main character attribute of any true liberal or socialist is a lack moral integrity that justifies by passing the U.S. Constitution, (the written will of the people), ignores the Democratic process, (majority rule of the of the people) and the laws of the land to advance their own liberal/socialist agenda in the name of the people and under the lie of “equal rights”  

America is in danger of  forever being  known to the world as “The Land of the Lost”  instead of  “The Land of the Free”  because of America slowly abandoning its own Judean Christian founding values  to liberal ideology and a weak economy. We The People,the majority rule, can not, yet again, allow another Liberal Democrat / socialist as President of the United States and continue to elect liberals to any level government office for, truly, “The Heart Beat of America is Conservative”, and true conservatives have ethical moral values. Therefore, as a Christian conservative and a true believer in Christ Jesus, I understand Iowa’s integrity in voting for Ted Cruz above all the rest.  I believe that Ted Cruz is an honorable man of integrity and of his word. I agree with all Christians that believe that it is because of abandoning America’s founding values that America is now in decline of moral standards, economy, and world standing, but values are meaningless without a stable and strong economy to support those values. So, consider this biblical perspective before deciding any presidential candidate to support.  

(Luke 16:9) And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations.  

  Christians interpret this scripture differently, but as it applies in America’s present circumstance,it speaks to me that America must elect a president who has proven experience that he will be successful in Making America Great Again.  As a true believer in Christ Jesus, I support Mr. Trump as the next President of the United States because, “At the heart of every American, who truly respects and defends freedom, the right of self government, and wants to be free of government tyranny, there is a conservative”, President, Donald Trump.