Researchers have revealed that a “biological” medical disorder, developed in the womb, is the cause of same-sex attraction and is passed down from father to daughter and mother to son. The finding, inadvertently, shed new light that the homosexual lifestyle is indeed a lifestyle choice since the homosexual lifestyle is based on a person’s  “same-sex attraction biological medical disorder”.  Because of modern day enhanced genetic medical testing capabilities, concerns have already risen that elective abortions may increase sharply to avoid the birth of a baby having this defect.

From the religious perspective, In Matthew Chapter 19, Christ Jesus, God’s only Begotten Son, makes it transparently clear that, His Father, God, The Head of All Principalities and Power, and from who, all God fearing people recognize to have divine and absolute authority, has declared and defined marriage to be the “union” of one man and one woman and that any sexual relationship outside that of a male and female “marital” relationship is adultery and fornication which now, “undoubtedly”, and “intrepidly” includes, the homosexual lifestyle. 

Because of this scientific finding, the social perspective of the homosexual and on the issue of “same sex marriage” has been forced to “evolve”.  Having scientifically found the cause of  “same sex attraction”, as a “Same-Sex Biological Medical  Disorder, scientist has effectively removed “same sex attraction” as a viable argument for gay activist to use in redefining and justifying the social acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle and promote the recognition of its’ own “Civil Rights”, to require corrective behavioral therapy and began research for a medical cure for the same sex attraction biological disorder.  Yet, the gay community continues to insist and argue, to oppose and not socially recognize the homosexual  community and homosexual lifestyle practice as being acceptable normal sexual behavior between two consenting adults, worthy of  legislated “Gay Civil Rights” and social “Marriage Equality” to include the social acceptance of a homosexual couple as a “family unit”, is bigotry,hatred and discrimination against the individual homosexual, and gay community alike.

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Article: Homosexuality Isn’t Genetic, but It Is Biological

By David Wagner

The Atlantic Wire – Tue, Dec 11, 2012

 “Homosexuality isn’t genetic after all. But don’t start saying this proves it’s a “lifestyle choice,” fundamentalists. Researchers from UC Santa Barbara andUppsalaUniversityfound a biological basis for same-sex attraction, locating the origins of homosexuality in the womb. Epi-marks, the genetic switches that regulate how our genes express themselves, can be passed down from mother to son or father to daughter while the fetuses gestate, the researchers found, adding that certain “sexually antagonistic” epi-marks may also be involved. [io9] ”

 http://news.yahoo.com/science-homosexuality-isnt-genetic-biological-232225880.html?bcmt=1355282394908-b361ef98-688c-4d0e-8bcb-6fe8dcec005f_0000cs000000000000000000000000-4fbc92b8-49e8-4ff3-81e4-aa4d03fd11f9&bcmt_s=eArticle;Science: (Accessed 3:52 cst pm Dec. 13, 2012)