At some point during the pregnancy process the fetus is considered a life, (common sense no degree required on that logical thinking, but when this actually happens is at the heart of the disagreement on this issue).

 Because the fetus is in fact eventually at some point considered life, although many believe it is after being born,  “I don’t”,  it also, therefore, at some point,  has a “right to life”, which literally makes the abortion issue about women having the authority to choose between “life or death” of a “baby” instead about a woman’s right to control her own body because the undeniable fact is that abortion “prevents” a baby from being born.  Think about it, the opposite of “life” “is” “death”.

Personally, I believe the only two people qualified or even should have the authority to make life and death decisions is God and a licensed medical doctor.  But also, I find it “callous and selfish”  to even “risk the possibility that willfully terminating the growth development process of an unborn just might be murder” rather than “avoiding the possibility altogether.”