The First Presidential Debate Overview

The First Presidental Debate

The Role Of Government was the main issue that people should focus on when voting in November 6th Election because Barack Obama’s ideology is government control and influence at every level of society which is nothing less than “Socialism,  and Mitt Romney is dedicated to insuring the people’s most basic Constitutional right to “self-govern” through a democratic government and “Republic”.  (Supporting References are given below.)

(Barack Obama, “advice from anyone who advances the middle class, that’s how we repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,)  (the government has the capacity to open up opportunity for success)
(Mitt Romney, “The U.S. Constitution, and Declaration of Independence, to protect life, liberty and freedoms, and pursuit of happiness, and the government not substitute its’ agenda for the people’s freedom to pursue their dreams.)

I was shocked to hear the president say that he would accept the advice of anyone who advances the middle class.  In other words no “collaborative” effort as long as the advice advances his “own” liberal agenda and called republican ideology “extreme”.  I must agree very strongly with Mitt Romney, this nation is certain to sucomb to unrecoveralbe economic hardship and in my opinion,complete government control through “Socialism” if Barack Obama is re-elected to another four years.

Barack Obama claims that he has received advice from both Democrats and Republican but refuses to accept any of the offered advise.

He acknowledges the economic issue but says the money saved from the war can be reallocated. The budget must first be balanced before that will work.

Mitt Romney offered his five point plan, while Barack Obama offered no specific plan but goals to achieve.

Mitt Romney believes that supporting small business, becoming energy independent, and better education leads to success. He offers the pipeline and less regulations, and offers no tax cut that adds to the deficit.

Barack Obama claims that he cut taxes for the middle class by $3600.00 to invest and spend more money into circulation. He claims the Mitt Romney offers a tax cut by closing loop holes and deductions without explanation of how to do it, but also says it is impossible to do so without taxing the middle class, (top down)

Mitt Romney rebuts Barack Obama analysis of his economic plan and re explains that he will not reduce taxes on the high income but will on lower income and says that taxes would increase on the lower income earners under Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney explains through attempted control of the debate by Mr. Lehrer.

Barack Obama claims Mitt Romney’s economic plan is nothing more than arithmetic.

Mitt Romney says the president’s plan is to take 3% business from 35% to 40%, at a cost of 700,000 jobs because smaller business employ over 50% of the work force.

Barack Obama claims that people will be “picking up the tab” on Mitt Romney’s plan.

Barack Obama claims the plan that Bill Clinton had done is what he is offering to America. He claims we should all do a little more.

Mitt Romney claims his plan has never been used before, making a clear difference between Barack Obama’s plan and a new direction for this country.

How do you go about tackling the deficit in this country?

Mitt Romney says that carrying over such a deficit is a moral issue. Barack Obama is not a huge fan of moral values.

Mitt Romney will prioritized programs, subsidies and eliminate unessential borrowing, make government cut backs, and downsizing non essential areas.

Barack Obama says that he inherited an enormous, unprecedented hardship, but has done the same that Mitt Romney claims he wants to do. Says that he worked with both Democrats and Republicans to cut discretionary spending. (Really!?)

Again he asks people to do more, namely the rich and wealthy, and says that spending cuts and more from the wealthy is the answer.

Simpson Bowls, the president should have grabbed it , but the president didn’t, Mitt Romney. The president says that he made some adjustment to the plan. Mitt Romney says that the president had four years to make some kind of difference and has failed to do so, and in fact the economy is moving slower than when he first took office by killing jobs.

Barack Obama says that there has to be revenue along with cuts. Really? This is why we need cuts. Moderator: Mr. President you are saying it needs to be balanced. ( I thought he was to moderate, not explain intended reasoning..

Barack Obama claims Mitt Romney isn’t specific enough but offers no specifics for himself but a non specific “balanced approach”.

If we are asking for no revenue means cutting programs, and claims hard choices need to be made. (Well, yes, if we don’t have the money, cut it.)

Mitt Romney tells Barack Obama, the investment into green energy has increased the deficit. $90 Billion dollars, not the kind of policy we need, and a break for shipping jobs over seas, Medicaid dollars need to go to state control not legislated at the Federal Government level.


Barack Obama, : a somewhat similar position as Mitt Romney Barack Obama says. The values behind this issue, he speaks about his grandmother was independent because of Medicaid and medicare, and calls this some sense of Independence.

$716 Billion cut by not overpaying providers and lowered prescription drugs and increased quality patient care. (Many people disagree with this.)

Mitt Romney;

Neither the president or I are encouraging any changes to these programs to older people, but in fact Pres. Obama is cutting quality by reducing the compensation to care providers and that doctors are saying they will no longer accept medicaid and medicare if the rates are adjusted, and $716 Billion cut from medicare to finance Obamacare is not beneficial.

Barack Obama says that Mitt Romney’s plan will cost people to come out of their own pocket because of inflation. He speculates that doctors will discriminate between the young and the old because of the compensation difference and the neglect will eventually cause the collapse of Medicaid and medicare any way. (speculation)

Mitt Romney says that he prefers that government not be telling him what kind of medical care he is eligible for.

Barack Obama says that profit making keeps rates high and a voucher system put the elderly at risk and references AARP who by the way endorses same sex marriage and the homosexual lifestyle.

Mitt Romney, regulation is essential, but should not be excessive. Banks have been closed because of Dod Frank, and would replace it.

Barack Obama, economic crises was caused by reckless behavior across the board and gave examples and therefore claims he has brought reform to curtail this behavior. He claims that every loan to the banks that was bailed out was repaid. (hmmm. I wonder.)

Mitt Romney says that he would not bail out banks because they are simply too big to fail. Dod Frank did not come out with clear regulation to prevent such reckless behavior.

Affordable care act

Mitt Romney wants to repeal Affordable care act and gives example of business’ dropping health care benefits and says that it is expensive. It cuts $716 Billion from medicare, it puts a board over personal health care and it is an obstacle in business owners hiring people because of the extra cost of $2,500.

Barack Obama, says families were worried of having no coverage without an income and insurance companies dictating limitations. Says people can keep their own insurance, says setting up a group plan. (making it affordable), the irony, brings up Romney Care, an identical model, and praises Romney’s achievement.

Romney, I like the way we did it in Mass., but what Obama did is push a bill through congress without the cooperation of congress, not so in Mass., and in Mass. There were no bad affects like that of the Affordable Care Act. Something this big needs to be on a bipartisan idea.

Barack Obama says it was a bipartisan idea and claims it is the same plan, however, Mitt Romney made a great point, he didn’t force his Mass. Health care plan without the support of the legislature.

Barack Obama then refocuses on the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and implies that a board is the best way to keep rates affordable. Claims that Mitt Romney should be more clear on his solution to the health care issue.

Mitt Romney, pre existing conditions are covered, young people can stay on parents plans, but mutual agreement is to bring cost down, but a board isn’t the solution, people having the power to shop around in a private sector forcing care givers to compete with each other is the solution to keeping rates and cost down. Congress can not mandate lower cost.

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney’s plan can’t cover pre existing coverage. Claims there is no better way to address the issue of health coverage, then reviews Mitt Romney’s campaign promises without a clear plan to do so, but says the choice he gives benefits the middle class.

Mitt Romney, rebuts by saying he will get more done by working together with congress instead of by passing them, and gives references and alternatives to achieving his plans, and says his plan does cover pre-existing conditions.

Role of Government

Barack Obama, there are differences, the first role is to keep the American people safe, (really!?)

He believes the government has the capacity to open up opportunity for success, references Abraham Linclon’s achievements and wants to apply those same principles, not a top down reform, but will give money as a reward incentive for success. (a reward system is still government rule and control)

Mitt Romney, The U.S. Constitution, and Declaration of Independence, to protect life, liberty and freedoms, and pursuit of happiness, and the government not substitute its’ agenda for the people’s freedom to pursue their dreams. The primary purpose of government is at the local level and then the federal level. Federal funds should follow the child and let the parents decide.

Barack Obama, have worked with both Democrat and Republican gov.’s for education but claims Mitt Romney wishes to benefit the rich and is not clear on his plan of action. Barack Obama offers no long term solution of these issues he raises. Barack Obama claims that government should subsidies student loans. (This is nothing more than deeper debt to the government and when the “gatekeeper” is corrupt, no one gets out of debt and remains under the oppression of the government.)

Mitt Romney, I do not claim to cut education funding, but the facts show $90 Billion dollars could have hired a lot of teachers. The government should not be picking winners and losers, but how do we make the private sector to become more efficient and better educate our children. Mass. Children are ranked number 1 in the nation because he cares about education.

Partisan gridlock,

Mitt Romney, on day one I will sit down with both parties and talk about the issue to work on a collaborative bases, the reason I am in this race is because people are hurting and both parties care, but we need leadership that can bring both them together, and will do because he has done it before.

Barack Obama claims he will take advice from anyone who advances the middle class, that’s how we repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and other things like Osama Bin Laden, and even perhaps the Defense of Marriage Act. (apparently, advice must meet his own liberal ideology, and not what the majority consent of the governed says, and what Mitt Romney is committed to protecting the people’s right to self govern.) Barack Obama claims any advice that does not line up with his own ideology is “extreme”.

Barack Obama says that he fights every single day for the American people. (really!?) By ignoring the majority consent of the governed!?

Mitt Romney, two paths, one path a middle class squeeze, continued unemployment and implementation of Obamacare will cause unprecedented economic hardship and reduced medical services availability and dramatic cuts and weakening of the U.S. military if Barack Obama is re-elected, and he is, of course, correct.