"Liberalism". The New Socialist America?

Liberalism. The New Socialist America? With the Democratic party having moved so far to the left and now having such an extreme liberal ideology, I was certainly surprised to find out that there are still people in the Democratic Party that hold to conservative values. Knowing this is very, very encouraging because the “liberal” ideology is all about a “socialistic” approach to government. The liberal ideology believes that civil and constitutional rights that ensures “equality” are legislated by government instead of endowed by God, “our Creator”. Liberal ideology believes in the “Robinhood” approach of redistributing the wealth, take from the rich and give to the poor. That’s stealing any way one looks at it. The rich have a right to investment earnings as much as people have a right to their own earned paycheck. The “liberal” ideology prioritizes the rights of the individual over what is in the best interest of the whole nation and sets its’ own ethical and moral standards to have the freedom to do whatever it wants in society. And, most of all, the “liberal” ideology is convinced that government, not the majority consent of the governed, should have the last say on how the people will live, believe, the laws of the land and place limits on the freedoms we have. We all know what type of government is described here, it is called “Socialism”. This is the “Dark Ages” this country came from and the future liberals want for this country and yet Democrats claim its’ the Republicans that are tyring to drag this country back to “Dark Ages”.