Pres. Obama Promotes "Like-Ability" As Political Platform

Traditional family values are never behind the times and knows no race. Freedom of speech is yet another freedom we all share. So, no, I will not be quiet, as our freedoms are continually “redifined” under Liberal Activist President Obama. I am so confused as to how Pres. Obama can have any kind of support for re-election after taking a close look at his record of socialistic type leadership, anti-judeaism, (liberal ideology) and anti-christ actions all the while calling himself a “christian”. The only conclusion I can remotely comprehend as to why people still like President Obama is that Pres. Obama is like junk car sitting in somebody’s front yard. At one time it promised a purpose and it still “might” have potential, but the undeniable reality is that it is nothing more than a lawn ornament and an eye sore for the community but its’ “sentimental value” is so great that it makes it difficult to finally make the decision to have it removed.

Recently, President Obama made the statement, “I hope you still have trust in me.”  He actually wants America to ignore his record of “Lack-Ability” and  elect him to a second term on his “Like-Ability”.

“Sentimental value” will be the only thing that could get President Obama re-elected because he doesn’t have anything else going for him.