No Cutting Line

Congressman Rubio, Consider this:

I remember standing in a long check out line in a grocery store one day. The store was hot, there must have been fifty people in line and I was right in the middle of all of them. The line was so slow everybody eventually became, well, let’s just say they were, “less than happy”. As I approached the counter, and still a long line behind me, a “mexican” woman who had checked out before me, approaches the cashier from the front and asks if she can check out one last item that she had forgotten to get and buy. The cashier turns to me and says, it’s clearly up to him as to whether you can “Cut Line.” I looked at the cashier in disbelief, and in astonishment, then I look at the long line of people who had been so patiently waiting. I said to the cashier, Do you see all these people who have been patiently waiting for so long and you say to me that it is clearly up to me whether this woman is allowed to cut line? It would not be “fair” to them for me to allow such a thing. “No Cutting Line” I said, Go back to back of the line, I told the woman.  I could hear the approval of everyone as the news traveled so quickly. Apparently there are people in society and in Congress, alike, such as yourself and President Obama, who think that it was unfair of me to refuse one item to be checked out ahead of me than to respect the time those behind me had lost patiently waiting their turn in line. I “respectfully” disagree. It was the right decision at the time and it is the right decision now to refuse any cutting in line as for as an immigrant becoming a legal citizen. Not only is it unfair to legal U.S. Citizens to allow cutting in line but it is also unfair to immigrants who have been patiently waiting their turn for so long. My dad had a saying. If you want to know what a person is thinking, all you have to do is be quiet long enough to hear what they are saying. It’s so, so true. As I listened to President Obama address a Hispanic convention today, he said, the dream act came about when one day a music teacher wrote her congressman because one of her students was being forced to live in the shadows.

First of all, who’s “forcing” them to live in the shadows? The teacher and the congressman are for starters because the law of the land, like it or not, says their obligation is to report them as being in the country “illegally”.

Secondly, I worked as a housing authority investigator and from personal experience the only people who are actually forced to live in the shadows are people who have something to hide because of wrong doing, but President Obama praises the teacher as being among heroes for harboring illegals and breaking the law.

How it is that legal citizens are stereotyped as the “villain” for putting their foot down and demanding to be a higher priority than those being in this country illegally?

How is it those immigrants who are in this country illegally and also become successful through financial fraud, are the victims?

How is it that American citizens are expected to shoulder the responsibility for the immigration issue when it has been allowed to escalate by President Obama by, not only refusing collaborated enforcement assistance from the states to address federal immigration laws, but filing a federal law suit to prevent the states from being involved at all?

 Unless the people say otherwise ,The only “fair” solution to the immigration issue is to enforce a “no cutting line” policy and have the illegal immigrant go to the back of the line.

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