A Father's Endless Love

On this father’s day, I remembered the last moments of my dad’s “earthly” life as he laid motionless in his bed, surrounded by family and friends as he died from cancer. The room was so crowded there was just enough room for one person to leave and another to enter. This life incident taught me that no one could ask for anything better than to know God personally and be surrounded by family and friends when the time comes for this life to end. These thoughts, especially on Father’s day, causes us to pause and remember the good times we all had with our dads and remorse over the times that will never be. But, if you and I share the same joy of knowing our “Heavenly Father” don’t remorse for being unable to be with our earthly father’s here on earth but rather, if you do know God personally, let us remorse for those who don’t know our, “Heavenly Father, like Dan Silverman, President of American Athiest, who will never see Jesus’ face, because the end of one’s earthly life isn’t nearly as important as how one chooses to live it. And a word to all those father’s who have been estranged from their children by the injustice, and immorality of the law, I salute you, in the name of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, for even He was disowned, mocked and publicly stereotyped as an infidel and carried a burden of sin that did not belong.

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