The Socialist Totalitarion Executive Order of the United States of America


President Obama claims that Mitt Romney would “rubber stamp” the conservative’s agenda if he were elected president, but isn’t that a practice that President Obama has been doing for the Liberal agenda these past three and half years? On more than one occassion when something he supports isn’t going in the direction he wants he makes the statement, “we’re not going to wait for congress to act” and rubber stamps an executive order to by pass and fast track his agenda as though it were an emergency or national crises issue. Never before have I seen a president use the Executive Order to force social issues and ignore the democratic process on such a grand scale.
There is a “Checks and Balances” in government to prevent such an abuse of power but for some reason no legislative government branch has had the courage to exercise it except the Judical branch and even then it took an enormous amount of public outcry before it took action, otherwise it, also, was content in allowing President Obama to have free reign as to influencing a social transformation of America without so much as a hesitant warning of violating the people’s right to self govern.
There is an old saying, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely, and one thing is for sure, if President Obama is re elected there will be another four years of socialist rule through Executive Order because if he had no cooperation from the Republicans in congress who controlled only the House these three and half past years, we can all expect that there will be even less cooperation after November’s general election when the Republicans are expected to control both the House “and” the Senate.
So, consider this, even if one fully supports President Obama with what I call the “sympathy vote” not blaming him for his lack of effective leadership,broken promises and lack of integrity and respect for ethical family values, in the best interest of the country it would be better to elect a different person who would at least have a working relationship with both chambers of congress to increase the probablity of moving this country forward using the established “constitutional” democratic process instead of forced totalitarion socilistic process of the Executive order.