Dutch Government Funding Ground Zero Mega Mosque

The Dutch Government is contributing to the financing of the Ground Zero Mega Mosque but the reasons are unclear as to why. The Netherlands is known for being a liberal haven especially on social issues such as same sex marriage, abortion and euthanasia. They are also know for their open drug policies, legal prostitution and tolerance of small crimes. It’s unclear as to what the Dutch will gain by supporting this blatant slam to the memory of the lives lost on 911 that most Americans oppose.

Hat-Tip to Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs who’s reader informed her of the situtation.

I am sure that I can say that on behalf of the 3,75 million voters in the Netherlands for PVV (The centre-right political party from Geert Wilders) I offer you and your friends an apologies for our present christian (CDA) government.

This because they granted a million Euro ( US $ 1.290.000 ) to the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA) from imam Faisal Abdur Rauf who intends to build a mosque next to the grounds of the 9/11 massacre the killed over 3000 innocent people. Don’t ask me why.

Geert Wilders himself demanded today in our House of Parliament from our CDA Minister of Foreign affairs:

“Do you acknowledge that it is absurd -just at Ground Zero- to build a mosque, and that this is also an insult to (the next of kin of) the victims of 9-11? If not, why not?

So the Netherlands are aware of these building plans. But we don’t understand how the US-(local) government can be so ignorant about the symbolic value for muslims to build an other house of worship to Alla, right there in front of this specific location.

Many of us are also aware of the many moslim ‘enclaves’ that already exist in the USA and we admire your personal efforts to stop Ground Zero to become one too.

Kind regards,

Peter Rissing