Rep. Gene Taylor [D-MS4] an Oxymoron

Gene Taylor has been my representative for years. I’ve never voted for him but I will admit his voting record is more conservative (the oxymoron part) than a lot of Republicans and most if not all Democrats. He is the true moderate in the house where many liberals claim to be moderate but vote down the party lines.Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln, Charlie Melancon and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) are just a few who made the term conservative/moderate Democrat such a joke even if Lieberman is now an Independent.

Why am I writing about a Democrat who I never voted for and is part of a political party that is full of scandal and deciet with hopes of changing this great nation into something it isn’t nor was it meant to be? It’s simple… the RINO’s! Some of us saw it coming long before it got to this point. The man with no past who lacked any substance but wasn’t as WHITE and DUMB as Bush would lead this great nation into a new decade of change. He was smart, compassionate, outgoing, charismatic, had muscles that glistened with sweat in the morning sun during his workouts (according to the sycophant press) and he was full of hope and change (among other things that were later revealed).

Who did we run against him? The top RINO in the senate, John McCain. I will admit that as a Navy Captain he is my hero but as a senator he has been consistently worst than the Democrats because you never know where he stands on important issues and if you do know it’s normally not on the side of conservatives unless in an election year.  So in essence we hand the congress, senate, and presidency over to the Democrats to do with as they please and they have! Porkulus 1, GM takeover, Obamacare, Cap and Trade aka Tax and Kill (passed the house so far), Financial Reform (passed the house so far), and Amenity (on the way). The Democrats have learned from many great leaders of the past (they aren’t from this country and aren’t great to us or our way of life but they are great to their people and ilk) and are going like there is no tomorrow and for many of them there won’t be but tomorrow is too far away for our own good.

The main things standing in the way of this complete takeover and the move from a soft tyranny to a full blown tyranny? GOD, the Constitution. the Republicans, the conservatives, the tea party, the waking up of many Americans, Capitalism and the balance of the world still needing America to lead. Where would we be without these people? The government would own or control EVERYTHING and what they didn’t own or control would be regulated out of existence. Water, food, power, gas and toilet paper would be rationed like the coming future of Obamacare. You would be taxed on air! That means any and everything you do in this country would need the governments approval before doing it but in order to live here and breath air on this soil you would have to pay the government’s air tax. That sounds like something from Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four book but it’s true and it’s still a possibility. Most if not all wealth would be taken away from you through the back door initially until everything would be put in place to take it through the front door.

The best part of this? We would have to sneak into Canada or Mexico to escape the tyranny and my guess is that the libs for the first time in their lives would actually secure the border! This was written because only one member of the party who is responsible for the events and future events from this posts isn’t like the rest, he is more conservative than liberal and for the Democrats of the 2000’s that is truly an oxymoron.