The Great Illegal Immigration Swindle

The President and his esteemed colleagues will take it upon themselves to give citizenship to the poor people who snuck into the United States through the back and side doors. These poor people have to hid in the shadows and take jobs that the typical lazy Americans won’t bother doing themselves as they live their imperial lives. The 15-30 million (to think it’s only 11 million is to deny facts) future citizens and potential voters will be spared what their naive brothers and sisters had to endure before them… you know the whole going through the legal process, assimilation, learning American (English isn’t the same in England and America) and understanding and appreciating the Constitution.

The process is simple. Find the nearest drug lord and pay his toll and he’ll have his coyotes backdoor you over. Once inside the country you are set for life. All stores and products now have labels written in Spanish as big as it’s written in English. Nobody will ask for id or want to see your papers because that is racial profiling and it’s wrong and not legal to ask someone who can’t speak a single word of America and looks like they just walked out of a John Ford movie if they are legal citizens. Time to lay low and sit back and wait after learning how the Illegal Curve works. Once the regime ah, er Government passes the proper legislation then you are set and instead of paying the Mexican Cartel you are now paying the American Regime and you only owe a few $1000 and your votes for life to the sensitive, caring, compassionate, loving, worldly Democrats.

There is nothing like rewarding the invading horde with instant citizenship who in order to come into America illegally has to contribute to the illegal activities and drug cartels in Mexico and South America. It’s almost like the administration advocates all of this by their actions but then again it’s ok to bend the rules and avoid the so-called living and breathing document that makes this country so great but yet holds these wonderful leaders back. According to Nancy Pelosi it’s un-American to deport them, as they are the backbone of this country so why fight it? Look at Arizona who is being sued by the Federal Government because they passed legislation that enforces Federal Law. Arizona also has a very large section of land that borders Mexico being given back to Mexico now as it is too dangerous for Americans to travel there because of the illegal Illegals drug and gun activity who are also threatening the local police with violence and death. There is nothing like negotiating with invading terrorist and just giving America away. You can always trust the administration that cuts spending on border security.  I’ve heard of an American National Guard and I’ve also heard of Oil Skimmers but obviously this administration hasn’t!