Katrina and the "Bay of Rigs"... Federal, State, and Local Government

I live off the coastal area in Louisiana and was in Katrina and now in the “Bay of Rigs” and can safely put blame where it’s due. The federal government was waiting at the borders after Katrina but the local and state Government (Blanco and chocolate city Nagin) stopped them from doing their job and neglected to do their own job and use all their own resources at their disposal and Bush and Brown were blamed by the media that later became the Obama cheerleaders. The local and state Government on the coast is trying everything they can but the federal Government is stopping them and holding them back every step of the way and are to blame as much or more than BP. If not for federal BIG Government regulations the rigs would not be in such a location and this spill would not be this massive disaster. Local and state Government have exhausted their pleads and can beg no longer to be allowed permission to secure their coasts. It’s time to act and to hell with regulation and federal Government bureaucracy. The president has more important things to do like vacation, golf, fund raise, and sue Arizona for enforcing federal law. This is our state and our coasts when it comes down to it’s left up to us on the local and state level since there will be no federal help until after the November slaughter and the conservative moment is recognized and pushed forward. It’s our duty to elect people of substance who will govern for the people and not their own personal ideology. All reps in congress and senators are NATIONAL officials and their votes and decisions affects us all. Don’t be afraid to call and lobby anyone on the federal level because you hold power as a national constituent and you can always donate to their opponent and campaign against them online.