Open Letter to Conservative Republicans


Dear Conservative Republicans,

In 2012 Obama was elected to a second term with 332 electoral votes and 51% of the popular vote, losing 5 million voters from four years earlier. Obama won re election after 4 years of radically revising our health care system from free enterprise to what is now called Obama Care, he added more liberal judges to the bench, supported amnesty and many other  unconstitutional executive orders were put into place during his first 4 years in office.  Obama’s policies produced these results 20% of Americans were on food stamps in 2013,  11,472,000 Americans have left the work force.  Our nation lost its AAA credit rating , Through 2013, the Obama Administration had imposed new regulations on businesses that cost 46 billion dollars a year, The IRS targeted Obama’s political enemies including Christian groups, pro-Israel groups, and most prominently, Tea Party groups. The Obama Administration has refused to cooperate with the investigation or hold anyone accountable for the illegal behavior, Veterans received poor health care and even died because of the incompetence and cover-ups of Obama’s VA. those are but a few of his many radical implementations since he ran for office on his first 4 year term.

How did we fail in 2012 when we had a historical record of Obama’s first 4 years of radical behaviour?   Some say it was because Romney was the nominee and lost the the Hispanic vote? Some say we lost because Christie hugged Obama during hurricane Katrina, some say we lost because Romney was caught on tape  shared by a site called mother jones saying he did not  want the welfare votes  SECRET VIDEO: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He .   Mitt Romney was already behind Obama 3% before that tape was ever shared with the public.  Today’s statistics say the reason Obama  won a second term was because many had a chosen candidate who for what ever reason was not nominated and 4 million republicans boycotted the election all together.  Mitt Romney who was by far a better candidate than Obama lost the election because many people cast him as the establishment and would not vote. We were left with 4 more years of Obama which turned into 12 trillion in more debt, liberal supreme court justices, gay marriage through out the united states , deals with Iran, sanctions lifted against Cuba, lost relations with our ally Israel, Russia playing war games, China building up military bases in the middle of the sea , 10 naval officers humiliated and photographed when IRAN captured their ship.  We will never fully know the extent of these last 4 years of an Obama Presidency and all because Mitt Romney was labeled establishment by many conservative republicans who call themselves Conservative Patriots but failed to vote.


Can we afford another democrat 4 year term?  Only a few months into the new year and  many conservatives are already  labeling  a known conservative candidate Marco Rubio  as “establishment” mostly by talk show hosts Glen Beck and Mark Levin. They say its because of gang of 8? Is it really?  or is it because  the favorite Ted Cruz is under performing to expectations and Marco is now the target.  Marco is not establishment because republicans and governors have rallied behind him as they are pr0cclaiming to anyone who will listen. Tweeting negative rhetoric daily instead of attacking Donald Trump who is the front runner these conservative talk show hosts are smearing yet another conservative candidate for nothing more than angry spite,  saying he is “establishment” because he is getting republican endorsements as part of the voting narrowing process continues.  Many are rallying behind Marco Rubio because polls continue to show he is far best to beat the democrats Hillary and Bernie in the election.  Many are rallying behind him to stop a liberal democrat Donald Trump from being nominated.

Cruz was a favored candidate with these talk show host conservatives who decided to run his campaign in odds against others. Perhaps it was not wise to befriend Donald trump in the first few months of his campaign and change his strategy when that did not fair well in polls.  Ted Cruz is totally  responsible for the path his campaign is now headed, his decision  to campaign against Marco with negative untrue Ads as well as Carson smears in Iowa  instead of attacking Donald Trump the front runner has hurt his campaign,  Ted Cruz is in charge of his campaign and the negative direction it is now headed can not be blamed on Marco or anyone else.

Marco Rubio is not the establishment because Glen Beck and Mark Levin say so,  he can beat the democrats, that is the positive message he is sharing.  Have we not learned anything from  losing the election in 2012? Obama should of never won that reelection.  We know Mitt Romney is not a conservative but he is better than the democrat Obama by any number of measurements. Those 4 million non-votes hurt our Country in ways we may never fully understand. We can not always get  the nominee we want  but we must put America’s future before our own in this election. Who we think is the best candidate and who really is the candidate to beat the democrats is not always clearly the same.   Marco is campaigning with  a positive upbeat message for a new American Century the 21st Century, he is uplifting and gracious, he is very detailed on his foreign policy,  he has a plan to defeat ISIS and the threats that face our nations security. Marco Rubio wants to rebuild our Military that Obama has reduced to a third rate Military. Marco does not throw first punches at others candidate but he will defend his record and show policy differences between candidates and that  is what his campaign has been about from day one.

Let me be clear, I have no problem supporting the nominee against Hillary and Bernie and if it should be Ted Cruz I would support him over any democrat but I will not watch our candidates be torn apart out of angry rhetoric from talk show hosts who can not seem to get together on what a conservative candidate is. We cannot sit quietly while the democrats are loving this back and forth knowing we will be our own downfall again in the general election because our standards are set above the Gods of heaven for our candidate of choice. All of our candidates running are better than the two favored democrats with the exception of Donald Trump who himself is a liberal and aligns his policy’s with those of the democrat party at least he did in the past 5 months and prior to this presidential run. Donald Trump flip flops on every given day and spends evenings calling out his favorite hateful tweets to anyone and everyone who he thinks is deserving at that time. He is unprofessional and unqualified to be our leader but if we do not come together he will be our nominee and it has been proven in polling from day one  he can not beat the democrats, why should he?  His beliefs have always aligned with democrats and liberals. How can Donald stand up in front of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders and say I am better than you,  pick me America? he cannot because he is not much different on his policy, he has yet to lay out any serious plans and that will hurt him but it will hurt the Country more . He has been known far too long for supporting democrat liberal policy’s , he has supported in the past Obama care, he has supported Planned Parenthood, he has supported liberal Ideals and we know where his loyalty’s lie today and why they have changed so drastic. Sure he can fool some people but the majority as it shows in his 32% popularity is not the majority of republican voters , the majority of republicans do not favor Donald as President.

I urge everyone to think and pray about this election.  It may be the most important election of our life time.  We cannot afford to lose to the democrats. America we love the America our kids and grand kids, nieces and nephews are growing up in is being radically transformed to a Country ran by democrats, Isis is knocking at our door, our military is being torn down to nothing, Obama wants to now bring Gitmo to American soil,  Our values are being removed daily and if we do not rally behind a candidate that can beat the democrats, a candidate who wants to defend our freedoms we are in serious danger of losing this great Country we all love deeply.  We as republican conservatives need to put our country 1st and get behind the nominee that can beat Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, that candidate is Marco Rubio!